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Sahasam Seyara Dimbaka Audio Launched Photos and Details

 Sahasam cheyara dimbaka audio launched

 "The larvae of Ceará adventure 'audio release ..!         Sri, Hamida, equilibrium, Shakalaka Shankar Talkies banner rupondutonna Vahini eyes of the main characters of the film 'The larvae of Ceará adventure'. The film is directed by Kiran Shetty emesreddi Tirumala. Chitra captain Studios in Hyderabad on Friday the discovery was made in the audio. The chief guest of the event was to launch the audio during sinimatographik Minister talasani Srinivas Yadav. Natakiriti Rajendra Prasad released the theatrical trailer. On this occasion ..  Talasanisrinivas Yadav, "preksakulanta only are a large number of films. Short films, there is also the need to support. Technicians are working on hundreds of small citranikaina. Many artists lived a large minority based films. In the past the upkeep of the artists 'Movie Artists Association' s quota provides assistance. The government also Telugu movies Chitra industry is making efforts to develop all kinds. As in the past, Mr. Rama Rao, Nageswara Rao, Krishna Rao family films, films of priority affiliations. But now everyone is scheduled to be creative. 'adventure larvae of Ceará, in the style of the movie is also different. A boy ghost Concept made with love. The film was a major success, achieving korukuntunnanuani.  Rajendra Prasad said, "emesreddi-in-law to me, a good friend ramasatyanarayana garu. Relangi years ago, along with the adventure of larvae was in Ceará. Much later, another picture of the same name, it has to be built emesreddi law. Short films nenokadini good for people who want to rise to. In this film I hope to get a good success. In the case of this film, many suffer padutunnam premistene Humans. The specter of how love is shown in this picture. Different Concept terakekkistunnaru this movie. Everyone begs desire, "he said.  Each Ramakrishna Goud said, "and a film producer who was a great adventure. Talasanisrinivas law and public support for such a small number of films to be barosa. This movie theaters ippincadaniki percentage of the ways to do my third attempt," he said.  Tirumala director Kiran Shetty, said that "with a different point terakekkistunnam this picture. A childlike man and the Forest of the Night Duty comes with the job. There is also married to a devil who loved him. Similar elements of the film stretches as far Entertaining. Fifty minutes in the second half of the film The highlight of the film is a comedy that Shankar Shakalaka nilavanundi hilariyas. Thanks producer gave me an opportunity for me to be confident. Full Meals comedy film. The film is slated for release in July, "he said.  Emesreddi producer said, "The film was directed by Kiran well. Srivasant gave good music. The film is slated for release in July," he said.  The hero Lord said, "When I heard this story, directed by Kiran're told to do. As he was the director of Super. Srivasant good tunes, was byagraundskor. Concept is a cowardly to love the devil terakekkincam this picture. Adilabad Chitra shooting organized in the Forest. The film will be hilariyas . We immediately asked Ali garu is obliged to act in the Thanksgiving special song. Audio, the film wants to achieve success, "he said.  Srivasant music director, said, "I was very happy making the music for the film. Output was well. Ririkarding was complete. The film is sure to be a hit," he said.  Heroines Hamida, equilibrium, saying, "I want to support all of the film. I was given this opportunity to thank my producers to film," he said.  The event venugopalacari, Sudhakar komakula, ramasatyanarayana, cauldron, Nirmal queen, Chitra and others were cast.  Sri, Hamida, equilibrium, Shakalaka Shankar, Zabardast Appa Rao, Ali, cauldron, moon, rajababu, Gitanjali mukhyapatradarulu.  Camera: sage, Shiva kenayudu, Music: srivasant, editing by Marthand kevenkates, producer: emesreddi, the writing-directing: Tirumala Kiran Shetty.

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