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Nara Rohit -Pavan Sadineni Savithri Movie Launch Photos and Details

 Nara Rohit Started working with Pavan Sadineni direction ,Nara Rohit 'Savithri' Movie Started on June 27,Nara Rohit's Savithri movie launch,Nara Rohit's Savithri movie launched.Nara Rohit's Savithri movie opening-Telugucinemas.in

 The beginning of a film produced and directed by sadhineni Pawan nararohit birajendraprasad Arrow, solo, representative, raudiphelo different movies such as the asura recently received the Young hero Nara Rohit hit, making room for a new film. Rupondanunna with the title Savitri love this film Ishq Kaadhal premakathacitranto as Pawan sadhineni is directed to achieve success. Film makers birajendraprasad Vision is producing the film on the banner. Karthik provided ghattamaneni Cinematography, Music is by Shravan. The opening of this new Chitra took place in Hyderabad on Saturday. Nararohit this program, srivisnu, bekkam Venugopal, director Pawan sadhineni were present. Love and family entertainer rupondutonna Nara Rohit's role as the highlight of the film up as a director, the producers said. Other artists, including heroine, soon teliyajestamannaru teknisiyans details.


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