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Curtain Raiser of Mrs-Telangana-2015

  curtain raiser of mrs-telangana-2o15

  Actress Srimukhi, recently crowned-Mrs India Asia International World-2015-Valentina mishra and Actress shamili unveils the logo of Mrs.telangana-2015
Worship of Beauty as Divinity in Telangana

Beauty in Telangana region is timeless and eternal. From heroic deeds to beauty quotient, Rani Rudramadevi is known in the annals of Telangana history. As the first throne queen from entire South India, she stood as an epitome of velour and realistic beauty. Currently, two of Telangana state festivals Bathukamma and Sammakka SarakkaJathara (Mela) are true examples of worship of womanhood as divine incarnation. Sammakka and Sarakka were tribal warriors who fought tooth and nail and lost their lives for the sake of tribal welfare. Today, they are worshiped as Goddesses. Bathukamma, the festival of flowers is the major festival for women folks in this region. Considered as the incarnation Goddess Durga, Bathukamma is the unique form of flower arrangement. Bathukamma festival is also symbolizes the empowered womanhood and beauty in nature.

Thus, beauty with empowerment has been part and parcel of Telangana women. especially in telangana married women ,In this region, on parallel to beauty, the emphasis is there on the real-time empowerment of women. We find many inspiring women role models, freedom fighters, lady politicians and compassionate social philanthropists in Telangana.
First-of-its-kind Beauty Pageant

Mrs Telangana 2015 is the first-of-its-kind event conceptualized and totally managed by Nakshatra Media under the leadership of Mrs. Laxmi Primarily, this beauty event is idea-ted to provide married women of Telangana State a unique opportunity to enhance their interpersonal self, had a rendezvous with glitter and glamour, escalate life with rejuvenated buoyancy, sharpen their expression ,hidden talent and win over competition with challenges and demands of the world
Uniqueness of Mrs Telangana :

Mrs.Telangana is Telangana's Only State Beauty pageant for married women offering national platform  and promoting social awareness.Theme of pageant is "Beauty in Diversity ", to the fact that every women is beautiful.Beauty is eternal and "AGE is just figure .Indian women has made remarkable contribution in each and every field,She has fought all odds to given contribution as men to social and family values.The pageant is set to recognize and celebrate her Mrs Telangana is platform to showcase her Culture,Talent,Beauty and Glamour. The 'Mrs. Telangana - Queen of Culture ' contest is the National Pride and Treasure of Telangana, this competition is the most Respectable title for married women.

Competition will takes place in two Age Groups:

1.Mrs Telangana- Age unto 40 years  , Height  5.2 upwards,
2. Classic Mrs Telangana- Age Above 40 Years , Height 5.2 upwards.

Come and be a part of Mrs.telangana 2015 , Queen of Culture a beauty pageant to salute Telangana Women a Beauty with cause, all the married Telangana women can participate in the State level pageant and the winner will represent Telangana , come and become a part of this Naxtra's media  event.

Auditions will start from Jul 5th  to Jul 20th…

The organizing committee will select 100 members from district level auditions and 20 members from final level audition. Selected Candidates will get trained by professional fashion choreographer.The Grand finale will be in hyderabad on August Mid week.

Winners of Mrs.Telanagana 2015 will awarded   JSR SUN city sponsored plot  and many more cash & other prizes.


To participate in  Mrs.Telanagan -2015 Competetion  Intrested Candidates (Married women belonging to telangana state ) Call on  : 09885680808,09949165446   ,  email   :  nakshatramedia999@gmail.com

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