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Chori Songs Recording Started

 Chori Songs
 Recorded songs, including 'Chori'      Prabhas pratibhasali lemon exposing young director .. 'My Team Work Creations' banner young producer Kishore Kaushik film 'Chori'. Pritam, Teja, Helen Rossi, Nalini, fuss Ravi Kishore, Deepak and Prashant, kosaboyina Seenu, Ramu, Sudhakar lemon, play an important role Vishnu. This design works Chitra songs were recorded. "Mao Mao is like human love demining ... the trauma of the bar mundadugeste your batukanteroy .. '.. Bhaskar, who wrote the song with the refrain' Zabardast 'Fame' fuss Ravi 'out was recorded. Speaking on the occasion, the director of his latest nimmalanirmata Kishore Kaushik .. '' It is the story of the four friends. .. The rest of the society, one of the four three vertical svardhaparulaite tapince person to serve his turn. Tapince to the community as much as possible to their good friend, an unexpected accident trapped by a political leader ... svataha svardhaparulaina how the three friends react? How they helped their friend? Parinamalenti in that order? In broad terms, the story said. .. Story than the story of the belief in the 'Chori' rupondistunnam picture. Pre-recorded songs, and songs that will vellalane sets after the start of the film has been recorded. Many senior artists to star in it. Prarambhincanunnam shooting soon, "he said. The film's words: Prashant, songs: Bhaskar, ririkarding: Vicky, producer: Kishore Kaushik, kathaskrinplesangitamdarsakatvam: Prabhas nimmala !!

 Chori Movie Songs Recorded

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