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Chikati Rajyam Director Rajesh M Selva Interview

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      .        His confidence can not say in words - the director Rajesh emselva   'Dasavatharam', 'Vishwaroopam', 'uttamavilan' interest as provided by the images of the typical actor, Universal Hero Kamal Haasan's Rajkamal Films International banner rupondutonna film 'cikatirajyam'. Prakasraj, Trisha, Kishore, Sampath playing the lead. Encandrahasan producer of the film that is directed by a new director Rajesh emselva. The film is currently filming in Hyderabad. The interview with Chitra Director Director Rajesh emselva ... .... Background? - I Telugu boy, a little village next to our ammammagaridi Nellore. However, from the time of our ammagaru ayipoyam we settle Chennai. The Telugu will understand but can not speak properly. How to kickstart your journey in the film? Raj Kamal Films International banner in -2008 I jayinayyanu third assistant director. Since then continue with the journey. Ayn now got the opportunity to direct. Purtayindanukunta phase of my training now, kamalgaru Yet I considered okay to direct this film, the director has chosen me. Nercukunnanane the seven years since he is nothing, he kept my confidence on the need to pruv. Cesukuntanane believe. Kamal's how to direct your mentor? - Words can not feel that. Raj Kamal International pilim with the results, regardless of the banner with a passion like me to make films. He continued that the banner. I did not think to be the director of this film. If you feel that you are ready to make the direction kamalhasangaru called me and said direct .Tell. I have seen kamalgarini director. Sudden everything is different now. In the words of support will be lower if he was doing this film. He is a director I've done at the workshop. Sambodhistunte me that he is now the director, others are planning to introduce ... this is me kalalaga.   How kamalhasannu is present ..? - The film is action, romance, family drama, thrillang muvents all the elements are put together. All classes of audiences, including fans of the film, which kamalgari Reich. The genre of the film, and very kalamaindi kamalgaru. .. Which is shooting in locations? - Shooting in Hyderabad, been in a lot of locations. Tolicaukilo have a huge action sequences, as well as have the ring road Chasing sequence. Currently katriyalo will shoot. After completing a 70 per cent cut in here Tamil Nadu velatam to shoot. Undabotunnayi action sequences .. How? - For the film came from France jils, Virginia, Silva is the Special Action Team. Under them are the action sequences. Ramesh to support them staying. Such a roll and very rojulaindi kamalgaru. Which will see a new kamalhasannu. Trisha's character is how? - Trisha is very different role. She has such a roll. Sanu Varghese is to work with? - I worked with him in the past, the film Vishwaroopam. However, he became so busy cinematographer. Uttamavilan film also was not available to us. When it comes to the content of the movie had to wait for a few days. Kamal is open to support? - Kamalgarito me is a good supplement. He is full support. In the case of this film is placed in ensuring full. For example, when he went straight to the spatki Carrie sat in the van. I did not always know the ayanala. After three days on the line to shoot, edit and showed it to him rasesnu. He said that at the head of the Correct Way velutunnavugo. The increased confidence in me. Amazing actor point of view, he is the director. Tell him the words of support. Make the Man know Julien said Kamal ..? - To tell the truth I was wrong in that respect. We have an order for up prastatik. There is little to do for the rest of the characters prastatik. The thing that I learned to shoot the remaining tomorrow. Man prastatik make-up is not so efficient we have .. As soon as I said that thing kamalhasangari daggarakelli. He said cusukundanle cool tomorrow. Prakasraj set to actually come, Trisha was up by himself. He merits it. When the movie is released? Sinima Telugu, Tamil-forming. Currently, 70 per cent of the talkie part has been completed in English. Filming was also done as well as Tamil and trying to release the film in the months of November or December this year. He concluded the interview, director Rajesh emselva

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