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Charran Tv Channel Launched by Dasari Narayana Rao

 Charan Tv Channel launch,Dasari launched charan Tv

 'Charan TV' channel emergence ..! Chechen soil puruduposukundi another TV channel. Telugu create another chapter in the history of television, "Charan TV 'began. Sinirajakiya in Hyderabad between the 'Charan TV' channel was opened. Dasari Narayana Rao was the release of the channel logo. Rao spoke on the occasion. Happy with his hands over the opening of the channel, he said. English more entertaining TV channels that come next year, Charan TV Rao blessed to have a good level. Charan TV crews greeted peruperuna. Charan TV channel presented to the chairman of the Maheshwari darsakaratna dasariki memonto. The program was launched in the art hermit K. Vishwanath Live logo. On this occasion, the channel staff, management wished. News from the mistakes of everyone in the quest to stay ahead of the ceppalanna, only fair to the facts. Mustabai navarasalato the producer of the channel Pratap Arts Raghava asked to entertain the audience. Talavancakunda who wanted to broadcast news.  Charan was very happy to become a TV star said Justice candrakumar. The TV channel wanted to stay in the top position, Charan was greeted on the TV staff.  Director Ratna Rao was very happy to hand over to the beginning of the channel, dude, good luck in his hand, said that the writer Chinni Krishna. The chairman said that his good friend Charan TV. Vijay Yadav said Charan wishes to participate in this program on TV. The channel wanted to promote local talent.

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