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Bhageeratha Aksharanjali Book Launch Photos and Details

 Bhagiratha akasharanjali book launch photos details

 "Aksaranjali 'book ..! Bhagiratha senior journalist with the famous poem 'aksaranjali, "wrote the album. The work was dedicated to keviramanacariki bhagiratha. The discovery of the book has been through the hands of the Tamil Nadu Governor Rosaiah. This is a program organized on the occasion of Rosaiah, Steers Srinivasa, keviramanacari, sikalyan, cerukuri Hariprasad, Pullela Gopichand, vaiviumapati Verma, kevikrsnakumari, sivajiraja, alla Srinivas, accompanied by Vamsi Yes, sir. Kodela chairman of the event, the state of Andhra Pradesh Srinivasa said, "this book of 30 poems written bhagiratha manasupetti. He was the person who had written several works. The best pictures published this writing. Bhagiratha appreciate the effort. The 'aksaranjalilo nagandla said about the men of the village, where birth . the people's heart will remain forever written book. sviyakartaga ramanacari anadakaramaina thing to keep in-law, "he said. Rosaiah said, "As a member of the Legislative Assembly during the press paricayamunnatuvanti close friends, one of bhagiratha. In his work, he could make a man. As a journalist, it's a method of collecting. So rather than doing the work on their own in a very great thing. Such bhagiratha today 'aksaranjali' wrote the book. I His good friend, loyal friend to this effort, acknowledging that he attended the event. bhagiratha want to write more books, "he said. Sivajiraja said, "30 years of good Sad bhagiratha-in-law. He wanted to stop heartburn teluguvari every letter written," he said. Sikalyan said, "Officers serving in the film industry celebrities ramanacari law. Such him, 'aksaranjali' dedication is happy. This program bhagiratha garu my thanks for making me a partner. He and I hope to write more papers," he said. Vaiviumapati Verma said, "the spirit, parmatman bhagiratha attempted to combine both. He works diligently cadivitene will understand," he said. Kevikrsnakumari said, "For more than thirty years ago, Mr. aksaranjali bhagiratha started writing. If the writing in book form vinipincinapudu bid told me. Today 'aksaranjali' work, discovering pleasure," he said. Bhagiratha said: "Today my life is a remarkable day. 1980, June 1 on I wrote 'human', the book was launched poet John Smith hands over the place. Now I wrote 'aksaranjali' book also June 1, jaripincamani Rosaiah Mr. telling coincidence. Today this house maromettani think my literary life. This book owes its sikalyan-in-law to see the light. He thanks me. ramanacari garu happy to give the book is dedicated. ravipudi Venkatadri, cerukuri Hariprasad, Pullela Gopichand animutyalu as rayalanukunnanu about the birth of the town. I was born in the same town is proud to claim, "he said. Ramanacari saying "show me the book to bagastudini, 30 poems and the 'aksaranjali" I was happy to be dedicated. This is a work aksaralanni a height of the tallest in the films. Each film frame Suresh garu my thanks to the provided images to look kattincukovalani. Bhagiratha he was born in this work the rise of the village, leaving him in writing of the master's devotion to his guru will know. Soon he 'Indo-US' racincanunnaru another script, "he said

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