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Tiger Sultan Movie Launched -Photos -Details

 Tophik hero 'Tiger Sultan' start      'Ek Tha Sardar' good vijayannandukoni by the haidrabadi film to date .. "Tiger Sultan 'understanding samayattamavutunnaru success tophik Khan in the film. He was the hero as the No. 2 movie, pictures of the minor Film Productions banner production, "Tiger Sultan '. Punjabi, directed by Sanjay Khan's upcoming film opposite tophik replication is the heroine.      The opening of the film on Thursday, was held in the premises of the College of Engineering abides Methodist.      Mohammed Ali, who is the Deputy Minister of Revenue Spicy siyam and have switched on the camera.      Tophik Khan Chitra kathanayakudunirmata this event, the heroine of the replication, jahed Ali, Ahmed Johnny, Jayant, attended OMPRAKASH caunika. The actor-producer tophik Khan Chitra ... '' Ek Tha Sardar 'starring the hero of the film, then I have a little break. All-star cast, the film terakekkistunnam haidrabadi. Dan, a college student falls in love with a big, owning What did she love? The plot of the Chitra. Regular shooting will start from today. Backdrop hileriyas entertain our director Sanjay Punjabi College terakekkincanunnaru this picture. Telangana state deputy Mohammad aligaru siyam vicceyadam our film is very happy at the opening ceremony. Haidrabadi philinsku subsidy from the state of Telangana also ippincavalasindiga korukontunnam, "he said.      Other actors and technicians involved in the program and also asked to support the Telangana government icci haidrabadi sabbidi movies.      The concept, Mast Ali, Ismail, Akbar tabar, Nasser Aziz, Altaf Hyder, Iqbal Khan, Rizwan Aziz and others to play a role in the film Music: Khalid Hamid, cinematography: Rajasekhar, story: Salman Hyder, producer: tophik Khan, directed by Sanjay Punjabi

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