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Ranam - 2 Releasing on May 15

 On May 15, ranam 2 '..! VIP (Victory Infrastructure Projects) submission srivenkatesvara Entertainment Movies gopanaboyina srinivasyadav film produced under the banner of 'ranam 2'. An equal mix of all the juices, the film is a good film, which is usual. This image is strongly ammarajasekharku to bring former glory. It is one of the last movies starring the late actor Hari. Switch to another immortal in the hearts of the audience in the role Hari nilicipotarani director, the producers said. This was set up during the press conference .. Ammarajasekhar director, said, "I'm looking forward to this project for 3 years. Inadvertent sedyulki the gap was coming. Ranam -2 film was completed. Censor the U / A sartipiket said. The film will be released on May 15th. The audience watching the film give us support asistunnanu that" said. Gopanaboyina producer Srinivas Yadav, "the film was shot three years. The three years edurukunnam many problems. For us, our image of the deficit remains desperate for the death of Hari. Hari garu role in this film as well enjoy this character is that he comes regularly ceppevaru Award. The film mass everyone will like the film. The film was completed in all areas of business. Andhra, Telangana, will distribute kannamamba PASUPULETI seeded areas. On May 15, at the sight of the picture should be a success. Bob Black said, "I was in the movie 'gay' will appear. Comedy act in the emotional scenes. I was given the chance to the director, the producer of the My thanks," he said. Kannamamba PASUPULETI distributor, said, "The film will be released in theaters hundred. We are confident that the audience adaristarane," he said.

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