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Rahul Movie Makers 'L-7' Movie Launched

 Rahul Movie Makers L-7 Movie launch photos details

 Rahul Movie Makers 'el7' Start !!      'Ishq, the heart of the issue gallantayyinde, we' co-wrote and provided blakbastarsku as' pandenu Mukund, Rahul Movie Makers banner of exposing young producer, director and producer of innovative premakathacitram biobul subbareddi 'el7'. Adit ('story, the Tungabhadra' Fame Pictures) Weary of a cult area starrer, the film opened at Annapurna Studios. Malkapuram leading producers Sivakumar, tummalapalli ramasatyanarayana, diyasravu, leading racayitanatudu Harsh Vardhan and others come to the wishes of the members of the unit are provided. After a series of rituals hirohiroyinlu aditpuja come bundled with a verilapai shot muhurtapu scene clap dasaradh leading directors .. Telangana state government adviser vidyasagararavu have switched on the camera. It was directed by famous directors in respect of the hill vijaykumar. At a press conference on the occasion of the formation of the biobul subbareddi producer, co-produced by mohanravubisatis kottekepunnayya Chaudhary, Durga cameramen, director Mukund Pandey, the hero of the Adit, the heroine of the rituals of the area took part in a Weary. Mukund Pandey told the story to make the movie without hearing the second dhat subbareddi phiksayipoyamani producer said. Aviskaristu taking several steps of love, beautiful love story 'el7nu rupondincanunnamani, this film will be introduced by the director, producer, director, Mukund Pandey said Chitra obul subbareddigariki would be forever grateful. "The story, Weekend Love, Tungabhadra 'busy doing Tamil films after films as" el7 "Adit said the hero's choice to be very happy. "Bham bolenadh 'After that he' el7 'becomes the turning point in his career held the belief that the heroine of the cult .. "The rain witness' after the subbareddito with his friend 'el7' nirmistundadam picture was happy with the co-produced mohanravubi. The regular shooting of the other lead actors will present a selection .. prarambhincukonunna celebrate the art of the film: hautboy, camera: Durga, the executive producer emkisor, co-produced by: mohanravubisatis kottekepunnayya Chaudhary, offering: Master pritamreddi, producer: biobul subbareddi, kathaskrinpledarsakatvam: Mukund Pandey !!

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