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Parahushar Regular Shooting Started


 "Parahusar 'regular start shooting !!      Sai Productions banner srisayisankara nimmakayala director Sunil Kalra jointly mallesdhrv interest in exposing crime comedy entertainer 'parahusar'. "Be Alert" is the tagline. Vijay tandel, suryacandra, srivinod, Flower, Nandita Mondal, Prakash, chief reputation regular cast began shooting this film. Hirohiroyinlapai key scenes shot in and around Hyderabad. Speaking on the occasion, Chitra director Sai Sunil nimmakayala ... 'faith in me to start building our mallesgaru the Chitra, the hero of my story in the hope that our Chitra tandel Dhruv Vijay tandel brother is very happy to become a partner in the construction of the Chitra. To persuade the youth to a variety of theatrical 'parahusar' terakekkincanunnam picture. It is a crime taking place in the wake of the murder mystery comedy entertainer. Audience Spellbound am sure it will. To complete the picture're nannahalu three schedules, "he said. Music: cinnicarankiran butter, kathasambhasanalu: sibhimesvaracari, songs: kasarla Sam, photography: vaivilaksminarayana, Producers: Interest mallesdhrv tandel, Skrinpledarsakatvam: Sai Sunil nimmakayala!

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