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Daana Veera Soora Karna Releasing in June

 In June, the 'danavira surakarna' Janakiram NTR NTR's son, the hero of the late master exposing the image-forming 'danavira surakarna'. Jeviar director. Jagapathi srisayi Pictures, Santosh Productions companies jointly jebalaraju the film, the producers calasani Venkateswara. Filming has been completed in full. In June, planning to bring him out to the audience. Speaking on the occasion, the producers ... 'child Ramayana' coming balanatinatulato throughout the film. Janakiram Krishna, son of the late master of the bullet, the second son playing Soumitra sahadevuniga. Both were amazingly Act. There is no doubt anipincukuntaranadanlo grandsons grandfather appropriate action. Jeviar director, is very effective in every frame. Kaushalya music tracks under the most recent release is a good response. The cast for the film sets, the graphics are pradhanakarsanaga film. On May 28, the birth anniversary of the film, the audience pushed tisukuravalanukunnam ramaravugari mahanatudu Nandamuri Taraka. The graphics are planning to work in June after some delay, "he said.


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