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Bhale Bhale Magadivoi Updates and Highlights

Bhale Bhale Magadivoi

Over 90% of the talkie 'bhale bhale magadivoyi '  Ace producer Aravind's presentation, GA2 (A Division of GeethaArts) on banyar ... chili, ranrajaran, Jill hyatrik Super dupar hits such as Krazy production house which is owned by the joint production of UV Creations -1 No. generating a family entertainer 'bhale bhale magadivoyi  . Nani, playing opposite Lavanya Tripathi. Most likely as a brand icon, the director of the Youth vijayalato krejiyast director of the director of the company. Young, talented producer bunny vasu producer hyatrik wins. Two songs have already completed the shooting of a song in the filming of this Chitra unit are currently philmsiti rameji.  Nani in a variety of careers in the role: Starting his career with the characters are very different from the Telugu audience with his performance Nani secured a place in the hurt. Nani plays citralante see the family are all together. Nani told the story of the director of the company, rather than a continuous stretch naccatanto as soon as the acceptance would complete the picture. Nani has not so far different role in this film. Each viewer will ask for his role in the comedy acting are very Nani. Take a single dialogue, saying that the company's 8-page klaps kottincukunnaru with total unit. Nilavanundi to Nani in the film as a highlight of his career.  Lavanya Tripathi Acting memarize: Andalaraksasi impressed with his performance in the film Eraser. Now this bhale bhale magadivoyi  girl in the picture looks good teluginti. His performance as the beautiful girl next door and exploits the minds of everyone. Especially Nani, Eraser Love and romantic scenes between the mind and are kind of goose skin. Onscreen chemistry the two had to be superb. There are a lot of people in the Onscreen Love Lee peyar Ace. Nani into the list, Eraser to make the film.

 Love Story nadipistunnadarsakudu the company in a new genre: Cinnacitrala big wins in a row, with the Youthful lavstoris Care adras brand new genre that became the director of the company with premakathacitram introduced to Ace. The couple had two Selfish Love in kottajanta elavuntundo saying the victory. Now, after some time, Nani, Eraser as a couple of the film is directed by FİRAS magadi voy. This is the total terakekkistunnadu out and out family entertainer. It terakekkistunnadu in the newer genre. Nani, everybody plays the role of the heroine in the film along with the characters Eraser, is also distinct from the cross. The film is funny cusinantasepu the effort. In the case of the films he has directed to the main concept to preksakudni entertainment company said it was confident the unit navvistadani His performance this time.  Murali Sharma is playing the role of a career atyadbutamaina: This movie is playing a key role in Bollywood Artist muralisarma. Murali Sharma made many films in Telugu Chitra seen a very different role. Dialogues written by the director of the company prior to 15 days to bring the entire unit is open to the dismay of the single Take priperayyi acting to please everyone in the unit by his co-stars also kottincaru klaps. All thyanks He also said to dedikesan. However, he is not new to acting, but in this new role is going to be. BG has a lot of work to be selective in Bollywood Murali Sharma, written by the director of the company, he was cast in the role and the story of a major choice. It's become one of the best roles of his career and also he said.

 His performance Kishore moonlight laugh, Srinivas Reddy, Shakalaka Shankar, save: If it is put on the hit comedy movies gyarenti minimum. 100% believer in the principle that the director of the company he was in the habit of ceppalakunnadi medatinundi fun to say. This time, however, the increased his dose of comedy. This time, as the makers of the comedy, which is busy in Tollywood Srinivasa Reddy, moonlight Kishore, Shakalaka His performance entertains with Shankar. Recently sartphilins dusukelutunna save in comedy with the comedy was with a different company.  National award winner gopisundar Music Major highlights: Composition of the National Award Winner gopisundar are in Kerala. His songs are already super. Recently, like a montage set to be hard for everybody who heard his tune lokuda the gap can hear the song. Youth and family, all is well with the audience will hear the audio. With this record audio downloads are bound to happen. Gopisundar as well as to the specialist in re-recording, there is a special craze.  Family impressive entertainer  Mr. Naresh Nani appeared to be the father of the film. Featuring many of the characters in Naresh seen this film in particular. Nani, Naresh impressive audience between scenes. Mukhyapatrallo as well as starring in the film, dulcimer, svapnamadhuri impressive roles for all. All the scenes together provide good family entertainment. This is a good family entertainer, the film is impressive audience.

   Speaking on the occasion, the producer bunny vasu .. Maruti's story is very entertaining. Maruti had earlier films, this movie is full avutand out of love and family entertainer. Said that based. This picture producer S Aravind's presentation, GA2 (A Division of GeethaArts) & UV Creations Prod No 1 ekkada the building rather than compromised. Nani, Lavanya Tripathi is in the hirohiroyins. Their characters are as much dhipharent. Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh, as a highlight of the characters are saved. Kamplitayyindi 90% of the talkie. Currently, the song was filmed in ramejiphilmsiti. Complete the shooting events in June and July, along with all the programs and in the post production, film gopisundar music andistunnaruani agastu cestamui said in the release.  Cast .. Nani, Lavanya Tripathi, Murali Sharma, Naresh, dulcimer, Swapna Madhuri, Srinivasa Reddy, moonlight Kishore Kumar, Shakalaka Shankar, and others badram ..  Executive producer: skn, pro: Eluru Seenu, Editor: Uddhav, Art: Ramana Lanka, Music: Gopi Sundar, photographi: Nijjar saphi, Producer: bunny vasu Writing, directing: Maruti

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