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Bandook Movie shooting completed

 Bandook Movie Press meet

 Banduk shooting! Desapatisrinivas, mithunreddi, mobility, josideva, Madhu, sahera Banu, the main role of the film 'banduk'. Laxman Murari (Bobby) director. Bibien. Studio Motion Pictures banner is producing the upcoming film yugandharravu pulp. Filming has been completed. This is the teaser that was released on Friday Chitra yugandharravu pulp producer. Speaking on the occasion, "the first film in Telangana upcoming telanganavarito. This image is pleased nirmistunnanduku. Aviskaristunnam banduk this movie history. This is an experimental film. Talent has a chance or had been obscured by professional actors, the film was selected. Movie trendsetter nilicipotundane confidence. Venkanna gorati describing the history of the song's Breath T Wireless impresses everyone around the world. Does this mean that they would not be exaggerated to an unknown Spicy this song. The song became popular as well. Climate history ... The struggle for Telangana's film, which will teliyajeppalanna. The film is slated to be released in June, celebrating the upcoming formation of Telangana, "he said. The director said, 'How was the ninth century until 2014 jivanagamanam gun born in China? Sthanamemiti to society? Is the theme of this Chitra. I am in the world? I said to the absence of a critical spirit banduk new article terakekkistunnam this picture. Two of the greatest achievements in the history of the siddhincayi banduk. Gandhi led India's nonviolent independence siddhancadam one way .... establishing a single blood drop cindincakunda each other in the state. This is the showing. Rottenness jokes in this movie, do not setairlu painting was vekili, clean and family interest film. Pradeep words, Rahul cinematography in this film are pradhanakarsanaga. Sukarravaram completed filming The Last Song. The film is slated to be released in June, "he said. Mithunreddi This program, simulate, josideva, Madhu, sahera Banu, co-director Ramesh were present

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