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Actor Raghu Karumanchi Interview-Birthday Special

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 NTR's make a movie produced - karumanci Raghu  Released in 2002, the 'Sun' entered the industry in 2015, more than 150 films in Telugu films, starring comedian Raghu karumanci. On May 12, the eve of his birthday muccatincaru reporters about his career journey.  .. About your background?  I was born, grew up in Hyderabad. My father, a retired army officer. Wife, Mother House. Brother was me. He is supporting the fabrication industry. Complete embie Since I have done a good job in the field of software. After the job was maneyalsi film industry.  Films come with passion ..?  Vivivinayak directors since 1995, Surender Reddy is good friends with me. If you have the opportunity to give us chance to direct a film that istam Raghu says. But what I was not interested in films. A day did not go to the shooting. Films did not come. Vivivinayak to the time of the 'original' film had the chance. Basic means a lot to me as a favorite of the senior NTR. When the film did not have a chance to work their've manuvadu. Since then began the journey of my career.  Comedian reason to be ..?  Fun to talk with everyone. Different 'accent' speaks of. Telangana, Srikakulam, Rayalaseema Like all the dialects is a little more grip. So saying, he commented that he had seen .. Since no film. Anevadini girls look beautiful sister. Sometimes they turn to anger. Since everyone in the tij. I comedian in the film as a comedy yangal Chance was the first to recognize that the vivivinayak.  .. What was the turning point in your life?  My journey was started in 2002 to 2010, made 38 films. In 2010 Release 'Adhurs' movie where I had to be good. After Adhurs approximately 120 movies. In 2014, 25 films have a big hero. It is the biggest achievement of my life. But so far, Pawan Kalyan, Bala did not get a chance to work with. I think certainly there will be a chance to work with them this year.  TV shows also did well ..?  In 2003 I did a lot of TV shows. I have approximately 1,800 episodes. Short films, mini-movies, daily serials to have all programs. TV is like me School. I learned a lot. 'Zabardast' show close to home audiences. The show's 27 episodes made. We took 27 different roles. Chance of films with Zabardast vastayanukunnanu good. But I did not want. I could not continue in the show.  .. Seems to be a comedian?  Telugu comedians in the industry to greater competition. Nearly 120 people were comedians. Navvincadam audience is a very difficult job. We'll continue to fight for every film. Speed ​​of us, but if there is competition.  Hirolatone have anything to do with this ..?  Small, large, new, old heroes will not be anem. Everyone should do the hero. Evariki those who are fans of their range. E-mail to the audience, if the hero everyone's reach. But so far, Pawan Kalyan, Bala did not get a chance to work with. I think certainly there will be a chance to work with them this year. Thrivikram, Boyapati Seenu is to film directors.  'Kick 2', the film is no roll ..?  'Kick 2' in an emotional role. Surender Reddy ninneppudu seen in this yangal. Appreciation was fantastic to be cast. Puri Jagannath, in a movie that this year will be seen in a negative shade. It also reduced my weight.  Next Projects ..?  10 films are ready to release. Rather they Ram Charan, Gopichand, NTR, Mahesh Babu playing movies. NTR's do a film produced. The film would ever believe him.

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