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Srikanth is Getting Ready to Create Terror

  Finished shooting the 'terror' ..! Akhand Bharat Creations banner presentation Sheikh Karim Sheikh Mastan produced the film, directed by Satish Cassette 'terror'. The film will be released as soon as possible to complete errands. This was set up in Hyderabad on Friday during the press conference, said the director Satish Cassette "35 days to carry out the shooting of the film has been completed. 'Terror' is the story of the police. The film takes place in the wake of a thriller. Police Srikanth in the role played by the fantastic. The film, starring everyone was shocked. . 140 minutes, the film tracks the elastic levunannu Sheikh Mastan, who produced the film, believing it over to thank me, "he said. Sheikh Mastan said, "It was my first film as a producer. Political Story Satish's gang dig the 'terror' of the story convinced me terakekkincela. 120 films as the hero Srikanth Rao, who is happy to act in the film," he said. Bhopal Lakshmi said, "The words gave 40 movies. Everything is okay, the tallest in the 'terror' with a height of one. With me over to Satish rayincukovalo well aware of how dialogues. Dialogues are very real. Will be a good movie," he said. Shyam Prasad said: "Different Joyner terakekkincam in this picture. We are extremely confident of the film," he said. Srikanth said, "This is a different character to appear in the film. The film also previously worked as the police. But the film appear very different. High technical standards were taken with the film. This film was made for the director to Home Work. The film starred does it feel to be trupti that" said. Dialogues: Lakshmi Bhopal, Editor: Powered Paidi Reddy, Art: Murali Kondeti, Fights: Run Joshua, Cinematography: Shyam Prasad, Executive Manager: Shake labdin Jain, executive producer: Hari ayinidi.

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