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Maanas Kaai Raja Kaai Interview

 'Kaai Raja Kaai is the highlight of all sections of the audience - The young hero Manas The youngest child artist in more than 10 films included in the Nandi Award for Best Child Artist of the Manas now getting success in playing the hero. "Luck o a, grinsignal, nutilo frogs' yuvahiroga films starring the minds of the audience took lavarboyga impression. Yuvahiro currently playing the movie 'Raja Cai Cai'. Sivaganes, who is making his debut as a director with this film is in danger of becoming darsakatvasakhalo. Maruti Talkies banner banner visatisraju phulmun Entertainment presents the image of a young hero Manas during a press conference on April 23, vidudalavutonna has been set. Lavarboyga good lent ... From an early age I was quite fond of dancing. Chiranjeevi's dance at the Inspire would make me sick. Inspiresane made me the actor. Kamal Hasan, pavankalyan, Ravi Teja, NTR, Allu Arjun's take an example. "Luck o a green signal, nutilo frogs' films, lent me a good lavarboyga. Now, "Cai Cai Raja 'was in the lead role. Ram Khanna acted in the role of another meyinlid me. The film directorial debut with this film by the company's disciple sivaganes. Tomorrow (April 23), the film is being released worldwide. Action, Comedy, Romance, Love, Friendship, ... The extent to which the two heroes of the story demands. Another hero Ram Khanna took along with me. Action and comedy are in addition to all the commercial elements in the film. Josh Ravi role provides complete entertainment. Heroines audio, samili all impressed with their performance. The cast plays hard every artist. You're a good performance, they will sivaganes our director. 'Raja Cai Cai' phulpledjd commercial movie. Action, Comedy, Romance, Love, Friendship, in which the elements are all vundalsina a commercial movie. All sections of the audience did. Our trio of the Game of Life Change ... Ramkhanna along with me, wonderfully played by Josh Ravi. Anand was the name of my character. Responsibilities of a boy with a lot of character. Village for a job to support his family came to the city from the many attempts. MBA, MCA cesinollake dorakatledu City jobs. The degree of difficult to read, hard to find a job where I was given the job .. ardhamaipotundi the teenager. Thundering sound MLA's house to get a job, and then to Love kumartenu MLA, MLA Gang our chase scenes are like. Our trio, who can change the game in normal life Cai Cai Raja. Now that's how to do it rather than watching the movie. Anipincukovalanedi my desire to be a good actor ... Meppincalanundi also been lavarboyga mass audience. And the most difficult. But the hard work, perseverance, if anything is to be achieved. And the ever-Class, as well as the mass audience is impressive. Importance of any character in the story, never willing to do. Manas is a good actor, but I anipincukovalanedi my desire to play a role. Next Projects ... The hero of the two images was committed. A project which comes with a large banner. The film is currently shooting the talkie part was complete. Songs are in balance. Songs're planning to shoot later this month. Has not yet been the subject of two debates in relation to the three films. Full details of what is soon to tell.

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