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Budugu success meet Details

 Budugu Success Meet ..! His presentation at the Hyderabad Film innovetis Pvt Ltd, under the direction of Dr. Manmohan baskar, sarika Srinivas jointly produced the film 'Budugu'. On the April 17 release of the film has evoked good response from the audience. Chitra Team Success Meet in Hyderabad, organized on the occasion. This set up a press conference sarika Srinivas "on April 17, two Telugu in 100 theaters, the film has not been released. Yesterday came from positive Talk Today, a new 30 theaters add reserved. Critics, the audience response is coming. In particular, the film Family Audience Connected to the well. priklaimaks scenes were the highlight. Manchu Lakshmi appeared well as the mother-in-law. Master Prem parents brought the good name of the film. The background score of the film was taken to the next level, "he said. Man Mohan said, "8-year-old boy and his family to the Real Incidents based on the film terakekkincam. On April 17, two Telugu states in the release of the film on the second day Theaters rise was very happy. Trailer at the sight of all the horror film was supposed to be, but a family movie. Anukunnadanikante this movie is good is the response. Sridhar, Manchu Lakshmi fantastic cast, "he said. Sridhar Rao said, "especially in the second half of the film, the audience gets to enjoy the most. In the film, but the worst thing in the language, but there are no blind shots. Clean the movie it is. Be sure to visit all of the film. Every scene background score was fantastic," he said. Sai Karthik said, "The film has evoked good response from all over the place. Especially coming out of a good response to the background score is very happy. The film wants to become an even bigger success," he said. Master Prem Babu said, "My thanks to everyone for making this film was such a big success," he said.

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