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Best Actors Audio Launch on May 3

 On May 3, indifferent to the Best Actor Audio Different concept with a limited budget and take pictures in the small company a big victory, Team Works Productions banner in the movie Lovers sinama Best Actor in the film occurring with a different concept. The film is urvasi with asosiyosan dhiyotars. In Madhu Nandan, abhisek sage, navid, madurima, kesa, Cree, samili, Bhargavi of playing Pairs. Introducing the power of the Director Arun Kumar annanreddi producer. Nowadays, the bus stop, premakathacitram, kottajanta, Lovers supardupar films such as Jeevan Babu (JB), the music will be offered. Kriyot sensation on the net recently launched a promotional song has fun with the crew members. JB is now provided a variation on May 3 Audio is planning to release the audio of the Chitra. In the picture, the audience is brought forward all of the programs completed in the summer. Speaking on the occasion, producer Kumar annanreddi .. Maruti tinvarks supplement with no cost on our banner film lovers film director Arun Power told the story of our venakadakunda have liked this picture. The director based it 'fairly entertaining. Recently, we have seen the rush of all that are navvutune. Navvistune well as the outstanding climax. Yapt it 'title' Best Actor ', I thought. Take in the view of all members of our unit had kanpharm this title. The film celebrates the completion of post-production tasks. The four boys, four girls and another who lives where is the end of the film was changed to entarayyi their lives. Saptagiri the second half of the comedy that will be presented to the dhiyotar entire whistles, music director J. supardupar music for this film. The audio will be released on May 3. The picture will be released in the summer, he said .. Director Arun Power speaks .. Maruti said to this story, story, story than to be good. Said the producer of the film, Kumar garu. Like gold, giving the company new opportunities Aish short films, and encourage them to my danyavadalu them. How this affects the lives of four main concept of the film told with entertainment. LeapFrog does not antainta Saptagiri in the second half. Maruti's banner is Saptagiri kodavundadu smiling. All ganatincaru as well as the superb cast. Mr. JB provided by the superb music will be released on May 3. As well as the entire family together in the summer to see if our image is going .. In Madhu Nandan, abhisek sage, navid, madurima, kesa. Cree, samili, Bhargavi, Saptagiri, drunkard Ramesh, kumarsayi others .. Art .. Govind, piaroeluru Seenu, Co-Director .. Gautam Mannava, sangitam J., editing .. uddavesbi, camera .. visvadibi, executive prodyusar. . Rao, Venkata Satish, co-producers .. Sandeep senan, anisemthamas, producer annanreddi .. Kumar, Arun Power

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