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Ammo New Kind Horror Film

    A new kind of Horror Movie 'Ammo' (Naku bhayam)  Gokulnath, Meghna, Bobby lion, child Saravanan ketiviar in the lead roles. Creative Frames movie directed by Hari and Hari serving iarvilokanathan Telugu audience Horror Movie 'Ammo'. 'Naku bhayam' is the tagline. The dubbing of the film has been completed. Post-production work is currently celebrating. Velidandla written for this film 'Mirrors laiphu leading upstairs ..' espibicaran out of the song have been recorded recently. All programs are full and are planning to release the film producer lokanathan soon.  Iarvilokanathan informing you about the movie '' It's a totally different storyline. The story so far is that in contrast to the horror movies. Takes place in a race between the four friends. Argues that the ghost of one of the four. Argue that three. Bet he makes the first half of the pledged proving that the ghost of his property. Okay, it opts to prove that the three ghost. To prove that the three ghost? Who won the bet? What happens at the end of the story. The story is very interesting to endirag from starting, so that the thrill of articles Audience Hari, Hari pretty awesome shot this picture. Straight picture film, rather than a translation of our author revuru (rena) provided good words. Eviemvaru produced jeminilo aired 'She' is a superhit TV Siriyalki directed revuru. Revuru of experience in the dialogues of the film was excellent. All programs will soon be completed and brought up the audience for this film, '' he said.  Gokulnath, Meghna, Bobby lion, child Saravanan, played an important role in this film, writing: revuru (rena.), Music: venkatprabhu Shankar, cinematography: jisatis, songs velidandla, singing: espibicaran, executive producer : binagarajan, Producer: iarvilokanathan, directed by: Hari, Hari.

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