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'Prema Vimanam's Movie Gives A Pleasant Feeling To The Audience Of Watching A Feel Good Film - Anasuya Bharadwaj

 'Prema Vimanam's Movie Gives A Pleasant Feeling To The Audience Of Watching A Feel Good Film - Anasuya Bharadwaj

Popular Production House, Abhishek Pictures made a wide range of big-budgeted films like Goodhachari, Kesava, and Ravanasura along with the ongoing biggies, Devil and Goodhachari 2. Abhishek Pictures along with ZEE5 made 'Prema Vimanam'. This web-film will be released on ZEE5 from 13th October. But, as per the requests from the audience, the film will start streaming one day ahead on ZEE5, from 12th October itself. This Sangeeth Soban and Saanve Megghana starrer also features the sons of Producer Abhishek Nama, Devansh Nama, and Anirudh Nama. Santosh Kata has directed the film. Vennela Kishore and Anasuya Bharadwaj played key roles. The premier show was screened on Tuesday for the media. The team interacted with the media after the show. On this occasion,

Director Santosh Kata says, " I have never boarded a flight in my life. I decided to board the flight after the completion of this film. I also decided to open a bank account once the film became a hit. These little kids played their roles amazingly. I didn't cast them because they were the sons of the producer. They worked very hard. Abhishek Nama felt very happy after watching the performances of these kids. We encountered many funny moments and trivial issues while we were filming in a village. We felt very happy after watching the film and forgot all the difficulties we faced during the shooting stage. We felt like all our hard work paid off. Thanks to the ZEE5 team, and Abhishek Nama Garu for giving me this opportunity. He uncompromisingly made this film. Thanks to my team for being a constant support."

Anasuya says, " Sometimes the output will be different from what the directors narrated initially. But, Santosh made the film, exactly how he narrated the story. He didn't seem like a first-time director. He didn't erect many sets. He shot the film in natural locations. Kids worked very hard while shooting for the film. I always try to make films with new kinds of stories. Many say that my strength is glamour. Some others complain about me. Be it on-screen or offscreen, I make sure that the roles and things I do in my films finally give me happiness. These film sets were always filled with positive vibes. Thanks to Santosh for giving me the role of Shantha. During this journey, I fell in love with this film. Everyone gets a feeling that they have seen a very good film after watching it. Everyone watch our 'Prema Vimanam' on ZEE5 from 12th October."

ZEE5 Content head, Vice President Sai Tej says, " When we wanted to stop doing web films, Santosh came and narrated this story. Santosh believed that we can achieve anything with strong determination. That's why this 'Prema Vimanam' took off. His writing is pretty good. Abhishek Pictures has made this film very well. Santosh Soban has scored a theatrical Hit with MAD and now will give an OTT Hit too. This film can be watched and enjoyed with the entire family."

Art Director Gandhi says, " Director Santosh made this film very well. This is a feel-good film. Director made the film exactly the way he narrated it."

Cameraman Jagadeesh Cheekati says, " Our producer Abhishek is very supportive. He taught us many things about filmmaking. Actors performed amazingly. Amar's editing work is impressive. Everyone will enjoy this film."

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