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'Bedurulanka 2012' Producer Benny Muppaneni’s Interview

 Global Star Ram Charan was keen in knowing the whole story: 'Bedurulanka 2012' producer Benny Muppaneni’s interview

After the National award winning films ‘Colour Photo’ and ‘Tellavarithe Guruvaram’ producer Ravindra Banerjee (Benny) Muppaneni is coming up with 'Bedurulanka 2012' under Laukya Entertainments banner with Hero Karthikeya Gummakonda and 'DJ Tillu' fame Neha Shetty in Lead roles. Mr. Clax is making his debut as a director for this film. This movie is presented by Yuvraj and getting released this Friday. At this context as a part of promotions, Benny interacted with the media on this occasion. The details are as follows...

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad! Worked in software for six years With the interest and love Later entered the industry as a producer.

The reason for naming 'BeduruLanka 2012'?

“Fear also plays a role in the story. Therefore, we put it as 'Bedurulanka 2012'.  In an assumed imaginary village What has for 21 days in 2012 is the Plot. The story we wanted to tell needed a 2012 backdrop. The story is offcourse different and focus will not be on ‘2012’.”

While Clax narrated the story, he told the core point of it, it seems. What elements do you see while listening to a story?

“I strongly believe that there should be an 'X' factor in a story. When watching a movie as an audience, you really want something new. Once the story is set, rest everything else will be Set automatically. After watching the promo, the audience needs something that’s new  and make them think to go to this movie. I put it as a 'check list'.  I Loved the point when Clax told the story. And thought that No matter how interesting the point is we really can't present it seriously and should be told in the best possible Entertaining way. This story was locked before two months of release of 'Color Photo'.

How About Hero Karthikeya... How was your experience with him?

Very happy! Karthikeya has no problem even one percent. I wanted to work with him again for one more movie. Karthikeya is very professional. 

What is the character of the hero?

Karthikeya will be seen in the role of a person living as per his will and wish. Society questions him. Neha Shetty will be seen in the role of hero's girlfriend. They both will be in love since childhood. All the characters in the film have a character arc.

We wont lead life 100% as our heart pleases, however if we know we are about to die, how will we fare in the final moments? This is the core point of the film. Drama and comedy will be highlights in the movie. Even though there are many characters in the film, there is not even a single character you feel that it is forcibly incorporated. 

You said that Neha Shetty as the heroine would be better!

There is a craze for that girl in the audience. Her screen presence is good in 'DJ Tillu'. Modern and urban roles were played in it. I thought it would be good to do a rural backdrop role with that girl. Clax said that she might not be suitable for this role based on the character played  in 'DJ Tillu'. After doing the screen test, we felt happy. Neha Shetty will be set for any role and will get fame with 'Bedurulanka 2012'. She acted so well in the character of a village girl.

For the film with a new director, many senior technicians have been hired. What is the reason?

Experienced technicians seemed to be needed to get Clax’s Vision on the screen. Mani Sharma as the music director, Sai Prakash as the cinematographer... there was no compromise anywhere. There was no compromise in the matter of artists either.

Did you get a song written by 'Sirivennela'? please tell about that.

Unfortunate thing, sirivennela garu passed away while writing this song. Mani Sharma brought us that notes. Chaitanya Prasad penned the rest of the song. I thought that we should not use his name for publicity claiming his last lyrics were penned to our movie.

The trailer of this movie was released by Ram Charan. What did he say?

Before releasing the trailer, Ram Charan asked what the story was about. After watching the trailer, they talked about the concept and talked about Ajay Ghosh character after his entry and He really praised Mani Sharma's music. Well Before watching the trailer, Karthikeya and Neha Shetty pair was admired by Ram charan.

'Colour Photo', 'Tellavarithe Guruvaram', now 'Bedurulanka 2012' - how was your journey as a producer been?

It's good because I like doing it. I can answer this question after doing five films. I think story is important for any film.

Your next projects?

We have finalized three projects. We will announce them after the release of 'Bedurulanka 2012'. Two of them are concept driven films. The other One is planned as a very huge one.

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