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Baby is going to be a Cult Hit: Allu Aravind at Pre Release Event

 Baby is going to be a Cult Hit: Allu Aravind at Pre Release Event

Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya and Viraj Ashwin starrer Baby is releasing on July 14th. The film is produced by SKN under the banner of Mass Movie Makers. This movie is directed by Sai Rajesh. Already the songs from the movie Baby have created a sensation. Vijay Bulganin's music gave life to the movie. The dialogues written by Sai Rajesh in the teaser and trailer are impressed everyone. Makers are currently busy with promotions.

Yesterday the makers organised a grand pre-release event. Allu Arvind, director Maruthi, Bimbisara fame Vashissta, Rahul Sankrityan, Bunny Vass, Meher Ramesh, BVS Ravi, Buchibabu Sana, Karthik Verma Dandu, Balagam Venu, VI Anand and Sampoornesh Babu were the chief guests for this event. Ace producer Allu Aravind released the big ticket. On this occasion,

Allu Aravind said 'Some time ago I saw Baby rushes and its going to be a cult movie. I don't know how many people broke his heart. Sai Rajesh is a good lover. He used to play music somewhere in Kakinada and he is working with GeethaArts. He proved that if you have talent you can do anything. Vijay Bulganin gave amazing music. Vaishnaviemotions feels real. There are many such emotions in these movies. I called Vijay about Anand when i saw the rushes. I said, 'Your brother killed it'. His performance in some scenes brings teaser. I asked about Bal Reddy when I saw 3 Roses. Bal Reddy is like a ruby in clay. Chocolate Boy Viraj Ashwin also did a great job. Dheeraj will raise to the top very soon. All the best to the baby director and producers. I want this movie to be a cult hit', he said.

Sai Rajesh said, 'Many people have worked hard for this film. In recent times, if only one song is good in the film then it changes the film's fate. But our Vijay Bulganin gave me six songs. In those six songs, I rejected two. All of them are great. These three years we have worked together for many hours. Both of us have not slept since a month and a half. We are still working on RR. We saw the film yesterday at the Qube and our hearts became heavy. Vijay's big break is coming with Baby. Our DOP Bal Reddy has done thirty films but not a single hit film. Baby is our 31st film. If you name the top ten cinematographers in India, his name will definitely be there.

He added "The soul of Baby are Vijay and Bal Reddy. They are the eyes and ears of this movie. I get angry a lot. I can have that pride that Bunny Vass is behind me. He loves movies and stands as support for friends. Maruthi said that it was good to see the movie Hrudaya kaaleyam. Knowing the budget, they gave me an amount that I had not seen. They saved my film Kobbatimatta when it was in trouble. I took his advice. If there are mistakes, they tell. Writer Ravi also tells me my mistakes. Maruti and Ravi made the baby so good. The film was made in the editing room. Viplav has done the the editing brilliantly. It is known what he did after the baby hit. Our team knows that. I haven't slept in these two months. Dheeraj also didn't sleep either. Thanks to my direction team. The movie is releasing on July 14. No matter how long it will run. There is no doubt about it because it's special movie. Everyone should support us' he said."

Director Maruti said, 'Anand, Vaishnavi and Viraj will impress the audience. Anand makes everyone cry with his performance. Vijay is proud to have such a younger brother. He acted so amazingly. Vaishnavi acted well. Bal Reddy, Vijay and others worked hard for the film. Everyone watch and love the film. I wish our SKN should make more good films and its going to be a cult hit, he said.

Bunny Vass said, ' I remember our old days when I see me, Maruti, SKN all sit like this. The reason we are here today is because of my friend Allu Arjun. He took us to Allu Aravind. We are coming from his school one by one like this and we are succeeding. Baby Team fate will change this Friday. Vijay gave an excellent music. He will rise higher. Rajesh is a good director and he made a good film. Even though the budget was increasing, SKN didn't compromise anywhere because he knew they are not making a film instead they are bringing the life. All the best to SKN."

Producer SKN said, "I am dedicating this film to Allu Aravind garu. In the films I have done, there is always Geetha arts support. But Allu Aravind told me to prove myself as a solo producer. I told my friend Maruti. I thought he should not lose his money. We are releasing this movie with table profit. This is my gift to him. I am in the industry because of Bunny Vass, Maruti, UV Vamsi. My friend Sai Rajesh has a lot of power. I made this film to show that ability to everyone. I told Vijay that I will do at least one extra premiere show than Arjun Reddy. Vijay will be watching the premiere show. As Anand Devarakonda said, I am not lucky for their family. They are lucky for me. Chocolate boy Viraj and Vaishnavi have acted brilliantly. Vijay Bulganin and Bal Reddy killed it. Thanks to my friends and directors for coming here. I will face any obstacle for Sai Rajesh, that's why I made the movie Baby. Dheeraj became my best friend during the baby journey. We shot Baby as high intense emotional drama. Watch the movie on July 14 and make it blockbuster."

Co-producer Dheeraj Mogileni said, "Baby movie was made by Sai Rajesh brilliantly. Anand, Vaishnavi and Viraj acted well. The movie is going to release on July 14. Watch the film in theatres and make it a blockbuster."

Sampoornesh Babu said, "Thanks to Sai Rajesh Anna and all the people who helped to bring an ordinary pesson to this level. Baby movie is going to release on July 14. Songs, teaser, trailers are good. Audience supported a small actor like me, We should support our Anand Devarakonda brother too. Thanks to Maruti Anna and SKN Anna who always support us'' he said.

Buchibabu Sana said, "When you watch the movie Baby, you understand that it's going to be hit. Some movies result will be known before release because of the positive vibe. Anand's story selection is good. Music Director is Vijay is from our village and he went somewhere with one song. A mother struggles for nine months to give birth to a baby. But Sai Rajesh worked hard for three years. Don't miss this movie', he said.

Balagam Venu said, "Baby movie is going to be a blockbuster hit. I told that to Sai Rajesh's brother a month ago. The songs are amazing and I listen to those songs twice a day. I haven't heard such good songs in recent times. That's when I understood the power of cinema. Sai Rajesh made three films but I was not offered any character. He is a very sensitive person. A good person like him deserves a good hit. Baby will be a blockbuster. Vaishnavi has not given dates for the movie Balagam. All the best to Anand and Viraj. Cameraman Bal Reddy is a good technician. Congratulations to whole team," he said.

Music director Vijay Bulganin said, "Thanks to Sai Rajesh Anna for making me speak in front of Allu Aravind garu today. When Sai Rajesh and Vijay Bulganin came together, the music of the movie Baby came. I became a fan after seeing the performance of Anand, Vaishnavi and Viraj. I don't know if there will be a movie like this again. "Sai Rajesh has given us a movie that will be remembered for the rest of our lives," he said.

Anand Devarakonda said, "The premieres were getting full as soon as they opened. We made this movie together with new people. But our film created tremendous buzz. This kind of craze has come because the content is good. To be honest in love there is a mass. You can't even take a step down and say sorry. In that sense, Baby is a good mass movie and it connects everyone not only for youth. What is love? Saying this, Sai Rajesh wrote this story. Sai Rajesh is going to show love from his point of view. Everyone gave their lives to prove themselves. Audience will also love the movie. All the boys will fall in love with Vaishnavi. Viraj acted brilliantly. This is my third movie in theatre. Not a single theatrical hit so far. SKN said that he will give me a good film. Now that's going to be true with Baby. Thanks to Sai Rajesh Anna for giving me such a good opportunity."

Vaishnavi Chaitanya said, "Baby is a story taken from reality. The story of those around us. After watching the baby movie, everyone will come out completely satisfied. All these things happen in our lives right? we will be connected. I used to do small roles on YouTube. Suddenly I got a chance in baby film. Sai Rajesh believed that I could do it and led me forward. Thanks to SKN garu who motivated me by telling me a lot about the greatness of this role. Watch the movie on July 14th everyone. This is my first step. Our future depends on the reviews given by the audience."

Viraj Ashwin said, "Today is very special for our baby team. Thanks to Allu Aravind for coming to the event. Anish introduced me to Dheeraj and then he took me to Sai Rajesh. I have seen his films. Writing a sensitive story like color photo, I was shocked. His dialogues in the movie Baby are heart touching. I am proud to say that I have worked with a great director. Thanks to Sai Rajesh for giving me a chance in such a good film. SKN's film means promotions are going to be in next range. He is passionate about movies. Believing that Baby would become a cult, they worked for three years. Sai Rajesh made this movie with faith in him. They are the heroes of this film. But the director, DOP, music director and editor are the heroes. Let's talk more after the release of the movie. So far this is our baby. We are putting the baby in the hands of the audience from tomorrow."

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