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Asathoma Sathgamaya Details

Asathoma Sathgamaya

It’s a film by director Siddharath Grandhi interested to make more flicks on philosophical & spiritual backgrounds, he completed his diploma in cinematography & film making from Rama Naidu studios Hyd,

He belongs to GMR family groups chairperson from Rajam Srikakulam dist,

In future he has much interested to screen inspirational & motivational movies for society in his way,

As part Asathoma Sathgamya now on screens in these Yash from software background guy shows his intense in acting and justified his character in a natural way, Got positive response from channels to casting in film
: Priyanka & Rajasekhar Garu as well.

This movie was opened by swarupanandha Saraswathi, srinivasanadha swami from srinivasanandha swami peetam & movie was launched by swamilijs there..

So we are expecting a great support from media to promote us for our future projects & bless us our current project with your views & comments ..

Expecting a favourable reply from your end
Thanks in Anticipation

Asathoma Sadhgamaya, It's a kind of motivational cameo pictured by film matra productions, it is story about a character with full of depressions in life, The director

Narrates the script in his way to show the inner struggle of a person who looses his life and attempted suicide,

In these director had taken bhagavatgita & Karam as solids in his screenplay,

He Pen-ed the dialogues to show some inspirational message to audience by involving bhagavan sri krishna as a character role in story,

The movie shows the intense to convey how the people easily in to depressions & Committing suicides in the society moreover in these he narrates the character

role as dependent, jobless & frustrated with his life, Finally blaming lord krishna accordance of his karma.

Story starts with an inner voice of a character kind of resemblance a role-play, Sri Krishna (lead) waiting for an opportunity to show himself to world, Every time fails to grab opportunities in life and blaming his karma on that, by his attitude he looses all the things in life and downs to depression in that, results tried to commit suicide,

On his way lord krishna lightens his life with a twist in the story these leads him to walk in a positive thoughts in his journey of life,

In the screen play writer elevates the farther emotions on son.

Next In the same he links the lead to break up with his girl friend by his attitude, here the way character tries to went up with mixed emotions to carry on screen to make

a mirror to the audience to achive heights in life, The moive tags correctly apt for our present society, especially the youth not to give up their lives for dipressions

and be dare to face the truth to get succes in their own paths.

The team frammed the moive with a good quality of techinical values which never compromises to show the output to audience, Still team were trying to make some more

films on inspirational & guidence to society, team were really intrested on funding charity works from their youtube shares

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