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Manoj Nandam About Devi Sri Prasad

 'Devi Sri Prasad' is characterized mainly by the characters - Manoj Nandam 'Devisri Prasad' is a film based on R.Coices banner in Yashwant Movies. Pooja Ramachandran, Bhupalrasraju, Dhanraj, Manoj Nandam are the main characters. Shri Kishore is the director. D. Venkatesh, RV Raju, Aakrosh producers. The film will release on November 10. On this occasion ....... Manoj Nandam said, "In November last year, we started shooting the film 'Devi Sri Prasad'. The film is completed in 25 days. However, the release of the film is delayed due to small producers and minor problems. At that time, DVCrias Venkateshguru saw the film. He liked the movie. With the commercialization of the film, the film is well worked out and he came forward to release the film. Prior to the story, Dhanraj said. Director Shri Kishore is the dance choreographer in Hong Kong. He again heard this story on his phone. For the three rolls in the film, I thought Dhanraj was the same. But I think the third roll will be good. Finally, however, Bhupal is inconsistent. Fifteen girls contacted Lila for the role. But I thought I did not think how everyone would do it. At that time Pooja Ramachandran had heard the story. The film is all about the director's hardwork. Srikishore has prepared this story to make some new fights like four songs and four new songs. This is a cult movie. Aksharaguru and the king started production without thinking about money. Cinematographer has provided good visuals. Music director Kamrankar has also shot his film with his background score. At the beginning of the film I had a little bit somewhere in my mind. But after watching the movie is happy. The role of Devi who is Bhupal in Devi Sri Prasad is in the negative touch of the role of a young man. Mr. Dannaraj is the cat's character on the wall. I look in the role of a young guy who is a posing thinker named Prasad. The story is the result of an unusual incident between the three characters. This is a film that is based on characters. We're trying to release a picture of you this November. And the heroes of the weekend will be seen in a good role in the film. Maheshgari has come to the possibility of coming out of the film. "

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