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kashmora Audio Launched

 Karthi's 'kasmora' will be a big hit - Audio Function director Vamsi Paidipally Young hero hero Karthi pivipi The film, directed by Dream Warrior Pictures banner Pearl V. Gokul. Potluri, Param V. Potluri, Kevin Anne, esarprakas Babu, a film produced by esarprabhu 'kasmora. The film's trailer, audio release event was held on October 7. Vamsi Paidipally first single, the song was released sridivya. Trailer, unveiled the audio CD Madhavan. `` I know this film from the beginning to the finish Paidipally. I know from the time of making the breath. I know how much his body kastapettukuntado for the film Karthi. Now the film is maniratnangari. To be sure this film will be a big hit avutundi. The director said `` from two and a half has been focused on this movie. Giving the opportunity to the producers of the film, said that cebutunnanu Kartiki Thanksgiving. `` Speaking sridivya photos, watching the trailers of the film, how much X pektesans increased its reach. Kartigarito very happy to. He is a very hard worker. Who worked with him, never forget the moment. Madhavangaru my favorite artist. Sakhi see on since childhood. He said that the presence of the audio happening undi happy. `` The movie is going to be pretty awesome vaccindi sinimatographar said. Shashank said, `` 50 percent are watching navvutune. Many will enjoy. Saw the trailer is much lower. Arundhati, magadhiralaga avutundi said that this film is a big hit. `` The movie is very kastapaddam for the government. Pivipigaru will encourage a lot of English. Us increased confidence levels. Diwali, the difficulty comes to you. Nammutunna enjoy, he said. Speaking pivipi `madhavangaru was happy to come to this event. Kastapaddam years for this film. Kasmora I loved the title. English is already the most popular title. The film also hope that the film would hit the range. Complete the kartiki breath is different, he said. Madhavan said, `` trailer, the poster has an intuitive sense of how diverse. Life, Soul, and to take such movies. Since the film is not subject to the usual three-laid. Some of the films The Passion to be taken without regard to time. The poster showed the sun. The intuitive mind is blocked. Bollywood should pivipigaru. Karthi maniratnangarito anandincadagga thing to film. The audio release said annanu come I missed them. McCarthy said, `` this function elder brother, the sun did not come close friend was happy madhavangaru. Brother, Madhavan very best friend. Both of which will discus a lot of things. Vamsi Paidipally me come to this event. Pivipi very good producer. The trailer shows how watching the movie. I did a film in mind. Says a character in front of the director. After that, the second part, said of the third. All look awesome. Loved the story. I have called for the government to do for the producer at the time. Stepped forward to. We're taking care of every aspect. Amazon has not done so before, we will be in our movie, the little puppies. And the government had no venakadakunda sets. Love this movie, not chance to romance. Sridivya small pillalaga egjayit has to be. The role of the Queen is sick. The film also learned for the horse race. The graphics have been inspired by the visuals of the rajamauligari. Diwali falls. Getting your audience khayam said. Karthi, sick, sridivya, Vivek and others play an important role in this film, cinematography, Om Prakash, Music: Santosh Narayanan, Art: rajivan, editing vijesabu Joseph, Dance: Raju Sundaram group, Satish, Costumes: nikhar Dhawan, Fights: anbariv, prostetiks: Roshan, viepheks supervisor: Stalin Saravanan, ijene, producers, Pearl v. Potluri, Param vipotluri, kavin Anne, esarprakas launches, esarprabhu, story, screenplay and direction: Gokul.

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