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Chitram Kadu Nijam Movie Review

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Here is the Review of Chitram Kadu Nijam movie starring Ramesh, Naveen, Prakash, Kumar, Deepa, Sowmya  this film is based on True footage shot by Late Ramesh .this film is produced by  Good friends under Good cinema group in association with Sree Shailendra Productions banner 

Story : Chitram Kadu Nijam is the real life story of six youths, who are enthusiastic and plan trekking in a thick dense forest which is near to Mysore Karnataka their aim is to finish the trip in one day but they fail to do the same due to few situations .what are those situations ? what problems they faced in this trekking?Will they come out successfully and safely from the forest?  is the rest of the story . 

Camera work 
some dialogues 
fear factor or scary elements 
Last 30 mins

Minus points
Few scenes are not so realistic
first half can be better

Ramesh, Naveen, Prakash, Deepa, Kumar and Sowmya performance was so natural and realistic .Dialogues said by kumar in few scenes are are good

Technical department
Director Ramesh and camera department worked hard to make this film in such a realistic way almost many scenes are so realist we should appreciate them for making this kind of experimental film .definitely producers (good friends ) will get good money with this film. 

Its a different and Experimental film and its a must watch film for the people who want to go for Trekking .we can say Chitram Kadu Nijam is one of the best horror and thrilling movie in the recent times . if you forget few logic's this film will give you different experience 

Telugucinemas.in Rating-3.25/5 

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