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S/O Satyamurthy Audio Success meet in Vijayawada

 On April 6, Vijayawada Allu Arjun, Trivikram of the 's / o Sathyamoorthy audio successmeet  Allu Arjun, Trivikram direction upcoming 's / o Sathyamoorthy' will be released on April 9, in the highest dhiyotars. Harika and Hasini Creations banner esradhakrsna 's / o Sathyamoorthy' image is built on a large scale. Allu Arjun, Samantha, Nithya, adasarma heroines. Kannada star Upendra, Rajendra Prasad, friendly key roles. Sindhutulani other roles, Vennela Kishore, bliss, Rao Ramesh natistunnaruitivale devisriprasad sangitamandincina audio superhit music was the devil. On April 6, the soon to be shared with the abhimanulandarito Vijayawada 's / o Sathyamoorthy' Gives Everyone The unit is operated by a grand audio saksasmit.  Speaking on the occasion, producer s.radha krishna "Stylish Star Allu Arjun and Trivikram our banner painted with a combination of 's / o Sathyamoorthy' grand release on April 9. Devisriprasad existing superhit songs were presented. Appealing to all sections of the audience. Devi provided the audio Telugu audience On April 6, it took much warmer in Vijayawada conducting a grand audio saksasmit. hajaravutarutelugu the presence of fans in the audience expectations of the workings of the unit is no longer kept Chitra fact the director shot the film. "We talked to sell calculations. ruins, while the values ​​speak the word that property values The director says a lot. Moreover, Allu Arjun is going to be the highlight of the film Per pharmens and luck. Upendra, Rajendra Prasad, friendship etraksan Special characters in the film, this film is impressive in all sections of the audience. Is going to be.   Cast Allu Arjun, Samantha, Nithya, adasarma, Upendra, Rajendra Prasad, friendly, Indus Tula, Vennela Kishore, bliss, Rao Ramesh and others MSNarayana  Technical Category pro skn eluru sreenu Art - Ravinder Camera - Prasad murella Music - Devi Sri Prasad Executive producer - pidiprasad Producer - Radhakrishna Story, Screenplay, Direction - Trivikram

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