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Ram Charan - Srinu Vaitla film launched

  Megastar Chiranjeevi as the chief guest  Mega Power Star "Ram Charan's' super-director 'Sreenu Vaitla, is a leading producer' director divivila beginning of the film. March 5, Thursday 6 hours and 24 minutes in the morning Megastar Chiranjeevi couples, the chief guests with sensational director VV .. Mega Power Star "Ram Charan's 'super-director', he vaitlala powerful combination ... A leading producer and director who made a number of successful divivi 'Divivi Entertainment HLL p. ' This is a prestigious image produced on the banner of the day (March 5) in the morning to 6 hours, 24 minutes, the company began to glory in the workplace. Megastar Chiranjeevi's wife, Mrs. Surekha photos have been given by the clap. Megastar Chiranjeevi Rao, director of the film, he sript White, producer, director divivilaku handed. Director VV switched on the camera. The Mega Power Star "Ram Charan," he produced the film with the director Sreenu Vaitla said, "This is a very happy day.. The story got a lot better. The authors Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan with a number of successful films in my combination is. Our combination of these films is very good. The producer is very committed to the film by the director divivi building but without compromise. Good technical experts, the amazing cast of this film achieves a great success, "he said. Author Venkat said, "My, he said, it was a wonderful story for the film. Once again we have some gaps kalisinanduku for this project is very happy. For the first time working with Mega Power Star Ram Charan is very happy. The film as a whole is very energetic work. Josh feel as much when you're in the theater tomorrow will be the same as Josh. We Srinu Vytla - comedy and entertainment stories we believe that with the action. The same has brought us to this level. I am sure that this film was going to be with us, he underlined. " Said. Gopi Mohan said "up with us, he was very happy to work together again," he said. Megastar Chiranjeevi garu thanking the producer, director divivi "Speaking after the Mega Power Star Ram Charan Nayak, this film is very excited to be built. Special thanks to him for giving me this opportunity." Said. "Sri White, Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan is very excited to be working together in this film. Sript was excellent. The film will be sure success." Said. 'Family entertainer with action, "the plot of the film will create this picture, he said. Along with a huge cast, the top-of-the picture is going to mustabautundani. Mega Power Star "Ram Charan 'actress' rakul Preet Singh, along with a huge cast of top-of-the prestige of their company produced the film regular shooting will start from March 16. Chitra production of the film to be released on October 15, will be held with much planning director, producer divivi He said.  The film's story: Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan, the words: Kona Venkat, writing cooperation: Upendra Madhav Kumar Music: "kolaveri di" Fame Anirudha, camera: Manoj Paramahamsa Editing: M. Are. Verma, Art: Narayana Reddy, Fights: Anal Arasu, Chief Co-Director: calasani Rao, Chief Production Controller: Ravi surneddi, Production Controller: gujjella posts, Production Executive: Babu K.,  Production Managers: K. Kalyan, Ramu.  Line Producer: Krishna  Executive Producer: V. Y. Praveen Kumar Submission: D. Parvati Producer: danayya dvv  Story - Screenplay - Direction: Srinu Vaitla

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