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Surya vs Surya Music Launch

 Swamy, Kartikeya nikhilki hit a hat-trick hero of the film's success in the upcoming movie 'The Sun vs. Sun' Taj Deccan in Hyderabad on Sunday the discovery of the audio of the film was held at the hotel. Baby Trisha presentation suraks Ghattamaneni Entertainment banner, directed by Karthik Sivakumar malkapuram Mahavir true music of the film is produced by Aditya Music released. This program was unveiled mukhyaatithiga arrived Cinematography talasani srinivasayadav Big CD. Transport Minister unveiled the first CD audio CD mahendarreddi nikhilki provided hero. The event emmelye rasamayi balakisan, MP Bivipatil, MLC Karne Prabhakar, yamyasraju, Sundeep Kishan, Tanikella Bharani, director Karthik Ghattamaneni, the heroine of the three, Aditya Music satyadev, kevivisatyanarayana, Suresh Kondeti, N. Shankar, the hero Sushant , the hero Sachin Joshi and others were present. In this film, Nikhil, who is running for Facebook Contest to be nominated by the okkopatanu released six couples were invited to the function of the audio. On this occasion, ...  Talasani srinivasayadav: nikhilki want this movie to be a success. There has been a lot of recent movies sivakumargariki himself is a special place. Success novelty films are doing from time to time. The film itself is a different concept, to be a big success. Those who want to get a very good reputation in this film.  Shankar: sivakumargaru bhadradri entered the film producer. Dalga that the film is a bit taimki sriharigari market. However, the very rich and the film was built somewhere without any compromises. After that half of the sky may be the film, now may be the film. Giving the opportunity to the apprentices. Karthik director of this film, the true Mahavir being introduced as music director. The film should be a good hit, allow everyone a good name.  Veerabhadram Chowdhary: sivakumargaru industry since I know. Also, before the hero Nikhil has introduced me to so clearly. Different concepts of the film is selected. Telugu film takes a kottadarilo nikhilki hope that this film is sure to be a commercial success.  Tanikella Bharani: Karthik tell the story of the night I got it, I will make this film. That is to say that for me the most trouble shooting night. However daivikanga signed all these films. The film took a lot of Karthik ekstrardinariga. I am very confident in the future become a very big director.  Sandeep Kishan: In this film, the first nikhilki kangrats. Select a good director, he succeeded in becoming the front. The film will be introduced by the director and cinematographer Karthik is very good. A 5-D camera and showed no miracles allowed. Nikhilki many highlights of the film will be a big hit with the film.  Sushant: The Movie Poster vunnayanipincindi intuitive and very unique. I really liked the teaser. Swamy, Kartikeya images nikhilki achieved good success in the movie, the movie will be a hat-trick.  Karthik Ghattamaneni: Short Film for me to take six months. The movie is something I've done in six months. The movie is expected to make a full-time nikhilki to cooperate, canduki Thanks a lot. Koaparet to make a good movie, especially for me to completely free the producer sivakumargariki Thanksgiving.  The heroine of the three: It's my first film in English. Thanks very happy playing Nikhil. I am happy being a part of such a good movie.  Malkapuram Shivakumar: film, which is a different concept. Karthik was designed by the most awesome this picture. Unit, everyone contributed to the film as well. Thanks to all.  Mahavir truth: I was given the opportunity to debut as music director sivakumargariki producer, director kartikki, thank you represent nikhilki. The film was very well. The songs also appeal to you all is well. I am sure this film will be a big hit.  Nikhil: In this film, I say thanks to the people of the two. They softly, Karthik. Together, they have made me a better movie. Work as a team, we had a much better film tiyyalanna purpose. Sivakumargaru have produced highly encourage. Everyone says the movie will be a hat-trick for me in this film. However, there is no sense to me to come up with a hat-trick kottalanna. Ceyyalanna film is a good idea. We've loved this movie to be sure that everyone will like you. I hope you will be a big hit with this picture.

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