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Lucky Youthful Comedy film

 Soon the lucky hero Youthful Comedy Telugu film industry are interested in films, the hero of his own perseverance teccukovalane a recognized name in the yuvahiro lucky. The lucky birthday on 14 February. Some of the commercials endorsing been, so far, 10 siriyalslonu, starred in more than 15 sartphilinslo. In the past, a picture of the hero was lucky. Currently shooting stage. However, if the "current string 'assistant director, who worked on the film, directed by Ramakrishna,' over 'film cameramen working on a film called' directed by Sudhir Chaudhary sartphilinlo hiroganu ... Oh dear ninu missed the sartphilinlo acting. Apart from acting in a film in Kannada. 'Movie, seeing a dear ninu' sartphilinsnu okeroju about to be released on February 16. Prasadlyab preview theaters screened the same day. Ramakrishna's upcoming comedy movie directed by Lucky Youthful family planning. Full details will soon tell. Complete film industry and 3 years of age who wish to receive more opportunities for this yuvahiro lucky teliyajeddam his birthday wishes.

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