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PremaDeshapu Yuvarani Movie Review

 "Prema DeshapuYuva rani" Movie Review

Check out the Review of PremaDeshapuYuvarani Movie Starring Mehboob Basha, Harikrishna, Yogi Kadri, Raghu, Sunita, Manohar, Pawan Mutyala, Raja Reddy, Sandeep, Sravanti, Banda Sai, Bakka Sai, Pratyusha, Gopinaidu

 Directed by Sai Sunil Nimmala produced by Anand Vemuri, Hariprasad CH under S2H2 Entertainments banner and A.G.E Creations Banner Sivakumar Devarakonda handled Camera .Ajay Patnaik composed Music Editing by MR. Verma Makers Released this movie On the occasion of Power Star Pawan Kalyan's birthday


Cherry (Yamin Raj) is a happy going person who lives in Amalapuram and enjoys his life with his friends and he has 7 subjects backlogs in his education . On the other side Shravani (Priyanka Revri) shifts to Amalapuram from Ravulapalem along with her parents .on the first sight it self Cherry fell in love with Shravani  .as a coincidence Shravani father and Cherry's father are childhood friends 

After that she talks to Cherry and says that she will help by giving tuition to clear the   7 subjects  from then their love starts 

In the same Amalapuram, a rowdy sheeter named Veeraya is harassing many people, murdering those who oppose him, murdering their families, molesting the girls he likes

On the other hand, successive murders are taking place in the  same village. In the enquiry they come to know that  in the form of Bhadra Kali a girl is doing all this. 

Who is Bhadra Kali behind these murders? Why do these murders taking place? Is Shravani finally close to Cherry?

If you want to know, you must watch the movie "Premadeshpu Yuvarani" on screen...


(Yamin Raj) who played the role of Cherry has proved himself as an actor by acting very well in all shades

His dialogue delivery is perfect his performance in Emotional scenes is good he has given his best in dance and fights as well he is proving himself as a versatile actor 

Actress Priyanka Rewri, in the role of Shravani, shines brightly and impresses with her extraordinary performance

Virat Karthik, who played the role of a lecturer Ravi, has acted well

We must appreciate Raja Reddy who asked as police investigation officer for his performance which is highlight of this movie .The investigation style and their techniques are displayed clearly on screen 

Mehboob Basha, Banda Sai and Bakka Sai acted as Hero's friends will impress the audience.

 Sandeep in the role of Veeriah is very good as a cruel villain.Pawan in the role of his son Bhairav is also very good. The acting of Harikrishna and Sunita Manohar as the hero's parents is good Yogi Kadri, Raghu, Mutyala, Sravanti, Pratyusha, Gopinaidu and rest of the cast has done their best

Technical Aspects 

In this segment we must appreciate producers for their production values each and every Frame is so Rich and Grandeur Director Sai Sunil Nimmala has been successful in providing the Telugu audience with a neat and clean movie with naturally attractive scenes without any double meaning jokes his narration is good and engaging he has long way to go in TFI .cinematography is good camera work is excellent. Editing is good. Music is one of the highlights of the film and taken the movie to next level 


On whole PremaDeshapuYuvarani Movie is an Entertaining film with all the elements give a try this weekend 

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3.25/5

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