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Backdoor Movie Review

Cast: Poorna, Teja Tripurana etc. 

Technicians: Music - Pranav, Editing - Chhota K. Prasad, Camera -

Srikanth Naroj, Co-Producer - Oota Sreenu, Producer - B. Srinivas Reddy, Writer, Director - Karri Balaji 

Check out the Review of Back Door Movie Starring Poorna Produced by B Srinivas Reddy directed by Karri Balaji 


Anjali (Poorna) is a happy going Housewife her husband is a businessman they have two children and happy going life one day In marriage function Anjali meets  Arun (Teja Tripurana) and they both become friends slowly Arun starts loving her and they have been regular touch on phone 

 Arun falls in love with Anjali's beauty one day Anjali calls Arun home when the children   and her husband not in home 

What happened after that? Did  Anjali crossed the line, or maintained her dignity as a housewife forms  the rest of the story.

Plus points 

Poorna  Performances 


Production values

Message oriented story

 Technical Values 



In this segment we must appreciate Poorna for accepting this film and her performance is simply good she has given her best and justified her role as a housewife her performance is perfect  .Teja Tripurana has given his best he has done decent job and the rest of the cast has done as per the requirements 

Technical Aspects 

In this segment we must appreciate producers for their production values even though its a small film quality wise its good  they have  not compromised any where  .Director Karri Balaji  has taken message oriented story and showcased it very well .  Dialogues  are good  . Music is good background score has taken the movie to Next level .Cinematographer Srikanth Narose has beautifully picturized  the film Visual are good 


On whole Back Door is a decent film with good message 

Rating 3/5

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