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Maro Prasthanam Review

 Review - Maro Prasthanam 

Check out the review of  Maro Prasthanam Movie Starring Hero Tanish  Muskan Sethi Archana Singh 

Directed by Jani this film was promoted as one shot film Presented by Himalaya Studio Mansions Uday Kiran, MIRTH Media has produced  film. Now let's see how it is 


Maro Prasthanam is the based on serial crimes of Mumbai by The Rane Bhai (Kabir Duhan Singh) gang  Shiva (Tanish) is a member of this gang. One day he falls in love with a girl named Naini (Archana Singh). Naini also loves Shiva. They both wants to marry each other  and quit from  criminal activities but after that Shiva faces big tragedy in his life 

What that tragedy? How he out this ? Did shiva Naini got married? what is the role of Yuvidha (Muskan Sethi) forms the rest of story 

Plus points 

Tanish performance 

One shot making concept 




Production values 

Minus points

Less Entertainment


In this segment we must appreciate Hero Tanish for his performance  he has shown lot of improvement and innovation in action Earlier Tanish has appeared in many 

as Lover Boy or the boy next door but in this film we can see lot of change in terms of Look and Acting as well 

I can say Tanish has never done such an emotional killer character before. 

Muskan Sethi has done decent job and added glamor in the Yuvidha character. Archana Singh has given her best Her beauty and glamor shown in the songs gives relief to the audience Kabir had done terrific job 

Technical Aspects 

In this segment we much appreciate  Director Jani for his work he has done good research his Narration is good but if he add some elements movie will be more engaging to audience  one-shot filmmaking is practically  difficult Each scene should go in a sequence. Must be OK in single take. Director Johnny was successful in this scene making practice. all the scenes go on in one flow. 

MN Bala cinematography and music by Sunil Kashyap have given strength to the film and added advantage. Production values ​​are good 


On whole Maro Prasthanam is a decent Attempt with new kind of Narration Give a try this weekend 

Telugucinemas.in   3/5

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