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Mega Prince Varun Tej unveils trailer for '101 Jillala Andagadu'

 Mega Prince Varun Tej unveils trailer for '101 Jillala Andagadu'

'101 Jillala Andagadu' is headlined by Avasarala Srinivas, who has made a variety of movies as a director and has been enacting a range of characters in movies. Starring Ruhani Sharma as the heroine, the film is a hilarious entertainer directed by newcomer Rachakonda Vidyasagar. It is presented by the Krish Jagarlamudi-Dil Raju duo and is produced by Shirish, Rajiv Reddy and Saibaba Jagarlamudi on Sri Venkateswara Creations and First Frame Entertainments.

Ahead of its theatrical release on September 3, its trailer was unveiled by Mega Prince Varun Tej, who appreciated the team of the movie. The trailer introduces us to the premise of the movie, wherein a young bachelor who is about to get married has got a bald head. What consequences he faces because of this, is what the film is about. He resorts to several tricks to hide his baldness problem, especially from his girlfriend. There is also an emotional angle in the story. 

A hairdresser at the salon tells Avasarala's character that he has got very good hair even though his father has got a bald head. At this, the male lead boasts that it's all courtesy his "maintenance". Eventually, the hairdresser is shocked to know the truth. The trailer also features the element of how the male lead conveys to the heroine, who doesn't know Telugu, that she might have had a boyfriend, in the form of a song. In reply, Ruhani's character says that the song is not original. The trailer also presents the hero's ordeal when he visits his girlfriend's house and struggles to hide his baldness. His emotional conflict when others come to know about his secret is also captured in the trailer. 

This funny line in the trailer is the icing on the cake, though: ’ఏ జుట్టు దువ్వుకుంటే ప‌ళ్లు రాలుతాయ‌ని దువ్వెన‌లు సైతం భ‌య‌ప‌డ‌తాయో.. ఏ జుట్టు ముడేస్తే కొండ‌లు సైతం క‌దులుతాయో, అలాంటి బ‌ల‌మైన‌, ద‌ట్ట‌మైన, అందమైన జుట్టిచ్చి నన్నీ కేశ దారిద్య్రం నుంచి బ‌య‌ట‌పడేయి తండ్రీ’. 

The trailer reveals that the film has got enough of comedy and emotional content. 

Avasarala Srinivas has surely made a sincere attempt to elicit laughs and to give entertainment through the film. Cinematography is by Ram and music is by Shaktikanth Karthik. 


Avasarala Srinivas, Ruhani Sharma and others. 


Director: Rachakonda Vidya Sagar

Presenters: Dil Raju, Krish Jagarlamudi

Producers: Shirish, Rajiv Reddy, Saibaba Jagarlamudi

Writer: Avasara Srinivas

Cinematographer: Ram

Editor: Kiran Ganti

Music Director: Shaktikanth Karthik

Art Director: A Ramanjaneyulu

Designer: Aishwarya Rajeev

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