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Rani movie Review

"Rani" Movie Review

Rani is the female oriented film which is produced by Kishore Marishetti and Nazia Sheik, directed by Raghavendra and starring Shweta Verma, Praveen Yandamuri and Kishore Marishetti under the banner of Manohari Arts & Nazia Sheikh Productions, has been released in Telugu and Hindi languages and scored good buzz

Shweta Verma, Praveen Yandamuri, Kishore Marisetti, Appaji Ambarisha Dharma, Meka Ramakrishna, Rajasekhar Anningi, Surabhi Sravani, Sujatha played important roles  in the film 


Rani is the middle class girl her father wants her to see as collector even Rani wants to full fill her fathers dream but suddenly she falls in the trap of Shiva who makes girls as prostitutes .Rani Attacks on Shiva and with help of few people she files a complaint against him
After releasing from the jail how Shiva tried to take revenge on Rani how she reacted to it forms the rest of the story 

In this segment we must appreciate

Shweta Verma who played the role of Rani
She has done ultimate job her performance is good she has shown good variations
she balanced her two roles well.Vikram did justice to his role he suited for police officerAppaji Ambarisha  and rest of the cast given their best 

 Technical values

Producers who have a good taste in adapting content they have spent lot of money without hesitation their production values are good sandy has given good music Editing is neat Dialogues are impressive. Director tried his best to give good output screen play is gripping

On whole Rani is a message oriented film don't miss it give a try 

Rating 3/5

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