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Balamitra Review


Check out the Review of Balamithra Movie Starring Ranga, Sasikala, Kiyareddy, Anusha, Dayananda Reddy, Meesala Laxman etc directed by  Shailesh Tiwari

Music composed by Jayawardhan Cinematography by Rajini  Produced by Sailesh TiwariBoddula Laxman

Suspense thriller Films has  the highest success rate if the narration is gripping surely the movie works well and shakes box office   The movie 'Balamitra' was released in such a genre  

Coming to Story Arjun (Ranga)is a medical student, he falls in love with his classmate Deeksha (Kia Reddy) but she initially ignores him later she accepts his love .Suddenly she will be kidnapped by some unknown people .Later Arjun Receives threatening calls from Kidnappers to kill three persons  As per the instruction from kidnappers Arjun Kills two persons what happened after that forms the rest of the story 


Hero Arjun Performance is good he has done excellent job particularly in Horror Scenes Performances is good even though it is his early stage film in his career he has given his best .Among the heroines, Kia Reddy looked glamorous for a while. She is also good as the main character in the story. The girl who played the role of Bala Tripura Sundari has done decent job she looked cute Dayanandareddy did a good job in the role of father. All the other characters has delivered according to the story.

Technical performance:

In this segment we must appreciate producers for their production values music and cinematography are the special attraction of this film. music director impressed with the background‌ score.  Editing is okay Artwork is good Director Tried his best to Engage Audience even though First half is bit slow director  convinced audience in the second half particularly climax is good 


Verdict: On whole Balamitra is the Film with good Message 

Rating‌: 3.25 / 5 

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