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Jai Sena' Movie Release on January 29

 I Am Dedicating 'Jai Sena' Movie To Farmers - Producer & Director V. Samudra

Srikanth, Sunil in lead roles, Introducing Sree Karthikeya, Abhiraam, Praveen, Hareesh Gowtham in other lead roles Director V Samudra is coming with Jai Sena Movie. V Vijayalakshmi, Sushma Reddy Films is presenting this film while V Sai Arunkumar is Producing in Siva Mahateja Films banner. Teaser, Trailer and Songs released so far have garnered a very good response. The film is getting ready to release on January 29th in a grand manner. On this occasion the team interacted with media at Film Chamber, Hyderabad. Actor Sunil, Director Samudra, Actors Sri Kartikeya, Abhiram, Praveen, Harish Goutham, Writer Chandu, Co-Producers Srinivas Reddy, Sirish Reddy attended the event.

Actor Sunil said, " During my school days whenever I wanted to watch a movie, my family took me to T Krishna Gari films like 'Neti Bharatham', 'Repati Pourulu' to have awareness about society. My grand father was a farmer. He takes me to agricultural land whenever I didn't go to school. Though a farmer doesn't need us. But, we all depend on Farmer. That's why we need to take care of their problems. I did the role of a powerful IPS Officer in this film. I enjoyed playing my character in this film. We usually do entertainers but a chance to act in films like these doesn't come very often. It talks about the problems faced by the farmers suggesting a solution. I wish all of you will support this film as this is made with very noble intentions."

Director Samudra said, " Our 'Jai Sena' film is releasing on January 29 in a grand manner. I heartfully pray to God for the success of this film. My brothers Srikanth Garu, Sunil Garu, my best friend Tarakaratna, Sri Ram, Sree, Kartikeya, Abhiram, Praveen, Harish Gowtam acted in this film. This film features four heroines. Sunil Garu did the role of a powerful police officer. All the films he has acted as a Police became successful. I believe this film too will become a big success. Title 'Jai Sena' sounds like 'Janasena' to many. The resemblance is true. Janasena is Pawan Kalyan Gari party. We all support him and his party. 'Jai Sena' too is very close to Pawan Kalyan gari ideologies. This film discussed about the problems faced by farmers. We suggested a good solution to the problems in the film. That's why we are dedicating this film to farmers. This film reminds our responsibility towards the farmers. As this film is about the welfare of farmers, we request the government's of both Telugu states to exempt the tax for this film."

Hero Praveen said, " Director Samudra Garu gave me a very good character in this film. Definitely this film will become a big plus to my life. Thanks to Samudra Garu for making me a part of this memorable journey of this film."

Hero Abhiram said, " We are coming to you on January 29. I wish you all will support our first film. Thanks to everyone who supported us."

Co-Producers Sirish Reddy, Srinivas said, " 'Jai Sena' is releasing on January 19. Our entire team worked very hard for this film. We are very happy about the film. We wish the film which is being made about farmers to become a big Hit."

Writer Chandu said, " Samudra Garu made 'Jai Sena' as his lifetime film about the farmers who are supporting our life by providing food to us. We all have sometime to take rest but farmers work restlessly. There are a lot of changes in Police department. It will be good if farmers too should have a clean policing organisation."

Srikanth, Sunil in Lead Roles. Introducing Sree Karthikeya, Abhiram, Praveen, Harish Goutham as heroes. Sri Ram, Ajay Ghosh, Madhu, Azad, Dhanraj, Venu, Chammak Chandra and Others in other principal roles

Cinematography: Vasu, Music: S. Ravishankar, Editing: Nandamuri Hari, 

Dialogues: Thirumalasetty Suman, Parvathy Chandu, Lyrics: Abhinay Srinu, SiraSri, Dance: Amma Rajasekhar, Ajay, Fights: Kanal Kannan, Nandu, Ravi Varma, Executive Producer: P.R. Chandra Yadav, Line Producer: V. Gopalakrishna,  Co-Producers: P Sirish Reddy, Devineni Srinivas, Presented by: Vijayalakshmi, Producer: V Sai Arunkumar,  Story-Screenplay-Direction: V. Samudra

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