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Mr. casanova an Independent Telugu Film by Puri Jagannadh Associate Revanth Reddy

"Mr. casanova" is an Independent Telugu Film made by Revanth Reddy, an associate director to director Mr. Puri Jagannadh.

 "Mr. Casanova" is an independent telugu film made by revanth reddy, an associate Director to maverick director mr. Puri jagannadh.The full film was released on ‘teluguone’ youtube channel by akash puri and puriJagannadh himself through their social media channels and is getting a huge round of Applause from industry and on social media for the high standards they maintained in all Crafts.These bunch of passionate youngsters have done a fantastic job in executing this Independent film in a limited budget and by delivering it in a impact ful way. Debutante Director revanth reddy has handled all crafts in a commendable way.

Director puri jagannadh and akash puri about ‘mr. Casanova’

The main highlights of the film are
1. Lavish Visuals.
2. Good Production Values
3. Music
4. Dialogues and Direction 
5. Location
6. Goa Backdrop
7. Making.

This independent film is now winning the hearts of the nitizens and the team is getting a
very appreciative audience.

This team once again proved the no lock down can stop real passionate film makers.'Mr. Casanova' - An independent film with feature film standards.

Full film is now live and streaming on "TeluguOne" YouTube channel.
Check out the link for Full Film



Technicians Details.

A Peddapalli Rohith Musical

A Pavan Kumar Pappula Celluloid
Editor Srinivasa Rao Ayila
Co- writer Pavan Kumar
Associate Editors Lucky Ram & Pradeep Goud Bittu
Dubbing and mixing : Cheruku Bharath
Art director Nani Devarapali
Title & Poster Designs : Kishor Kumar
Produced by RaviTeja Ganni
Banner : #OceanProduction #CrazyFilmsPresents

Trailer link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LCvt6RahCQ

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