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Prakruthiki Pranaamam Song on CORONA from Dr. Josyabhatla

Concept: K. Chandra Sekhar
Prologue and Lyrics: Chakravarthula
Music: Dr. Josyabhatla
Singers: Phani Narayana, Srikrishna, Sai Charan, Harini, Sharath Santhosh, Manoj Kuchi
Foreword: Tanikella Bharani
Prologue: Sai Kumar
Artistes: Uttej, Udayabhanu, Sana, Jyothi Reddy, Pradeep, Saraswathi Pradeep, Rohit, Baladitya, Sameer, Shafi, Kaushik, Maanas, Manoj Nandam, Bharani Shankar, Aakhil Karthik, Ravi Kiron, Pranava Chandra, Nitish, Sushma, Vyshnavi, Amrutha Varshini, RJ Chaitu, RJ Raaj, Adire Abhi, Rocking Rakesh, Chi. Rahul Vellal, Chi. Sreekar, Chi. Paata, Chi. Akshara

Editing: Pasupuleti Gunasekhar
Programming, Mixing, Mastering: Prakash Rex
Media Partner: Red FM 93.5
Special Thanks to: Vara Mullapudi
Presented by: Everest Studios

Song Theme:
As the COVID-19 pandemic situation severely affects nearly all the countries in the world, it is important to retrospect the exploitation of Nature solely due to the human existence. After all, human beings are the only species who adapt the environment to them instead of adapting to their environment! Luxurious lifestyle made us humans feel that the natural resources belong to us solely and have exploited them and we continue to expend them limitlessly. We wish to give a better future to our next generations, but we damage the planet further when we hand it down to them!
The pandemic could, in a way, thus be a self-saving act of the Mother Nature and reminding us that we are just one species in millions on this “pale blue dot” in the universe. Our aimless and directionless race to nowhere is halted because of a merely nanoscale virus that can make us breathless and lock us down in our homes!
Let’s realise that it is all our greedy and mindless pursuit of comfort, luxury, and power that has led us to this stage. Let’s learn our limits and only pray to the Mother Nature to not punish the underprivileged ones among us for our mistakes!
This video is uploaded on Earth Day, i.e. April 22, 2020

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