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Devi Sri Prasad Interview About Sarileru Neekevvaru

I Am Very Happy That Every Song From 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' Is Receiving Tremendous Response - Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad

Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad is well known for delivering Musical Hits to all the Top Stars of Tollywood. Now his latest offering is Superstar Mahesh's Mass Entertainer 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' Presented by Dil Raju under his Sri Venkateswara Creations banner, Produced by Ramabrahmam SUnkara under GMB Entertainment and AK Entertainment Banners. Young and Talented Director Anil Ravipudi is directing this film. Songs of 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' became instant chartbusters and received tremendous response all-over. 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' is releasing worldwide on January 11th as Sankranthi Gift. On this occasion, Devi Sri Prasad interacted with the media. Here's the interview...    

You have given many Superhit songs in your career. Did you felt at any time that you are done doing it?

--- Luckily I never felt like that. 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' is my first film releasing in 2020. I am feeling like this is my first film. I feel a little tense for every film. Because of that, We will take every film as a challenge. I learned this from Kamal Haasan garu while I was doing 'Manmadha Banam' film. The constant effort of my team is one more reason for that. I believe in creating an atmosphere where people around us can criticize us without any inhibitions plays a key role in success.

During the launch of this film, You have promised Mahesh fans that you will compose Mass song, Love Song and a Party song for this film?

--- On the day of this film's opening, I promised to all Mahesh fans that I will give a mass song that fans can celebrate. 'Mind Block' and 'Daang Daang' songs are getting a terrific response in social media. I composed mass songs for almost all heroes. My wish to give a mass number to Mahesh is fulfilled with this film. I thank Anil Ravipudi for making this possible. We have released a song on every Monday in December as 'MassMB Mondays'. This is like a test for me and my entire team. We have received an extraordinary response for each and every song from the album. Thanks to the audience and media for loving all songs.

About your journey with Mahesh babu garu?

---  This is my fifth film with Mahesh garu. It's always a great experience traveling with him. Like I always say, Mahesh garu is not only an onscreen Superstar. He has a very good heart which makes him a true Superstar. I have worked with all the Directors who had worked with Mahesh garu.  Everyone says the same thing that they want to work with Mahesh garu again and again. Once he listens to the story and okayed it, no matter what he keeps supporting the technicians until the very end. He is completely a director's actor. When such a huge star kept his belief in us, The respect towards our work gets doubled. That's why I was able to deliver Blockbuster albums.

How's your work experience with director Anil Ravipudi?

--- I did 'F2' with Anil Ravipudi. He handled this film extraordinarily. Anil is known for his hilarious entertainment. But, he perfectly blended the message we usually see in Mahesh gari films along with showing Mahesh garu ina an energetic role that Mahesh gari fans desire to see him in. Mahesh gari acting will be at the next level.  While I was doing RR, I have repeatedly watched the film. His dances are an extra bonus for the audience. 

Tell us about Anthem song of 'Sarileru Neekevvaru'?

--- I have immense respect for the Army. Till now I haven't got a chance to do a film in that genre. I felt happy when I came to know that I will be working with the Superstar for an army backdrop film. Anil garu said that 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' is a tribute to army personnel.  Inspired by that, I wrote, 'Bhaga Bhaga Bhaga Mande Nippula Varshamochina... Janaganamana Antu Dookevaade Sainikudu....' I have also received much appreciation for lyrics in that song too. We recorded that song with the Macedonian Symphony orchestra in Europe. Even they got excited about the song. Mahesh garu, when listened to that song, said that Devi has conveyed the two and a half an hour theme in one song.  He appreciated that I did a great job. I felt very happy with his words. 

'Mind Block' song is getting a very good response. Tell us about that song?

--- When a Mass song of a big hero gets released, It should connect with the audience. At the same time, there should be some kind of link between the song and the hero.  While narrating the story itself, Anl has clearly said that Mahesh garu will be doing an out and out mass role in this film. I got very excited about knowing this. That's why we wrote, " Eppudu Pant Esevaadu...Ippudu Lungi Todigaadu...' Mahesh garu laughed a lot while listening to that song for the first time. He asked whether he will be doing all these in the song. We told him that's why we added them to the lyrics. That song will be in a different range altogether in theatres.

You have bagged 9 Filmfare awards. Did you feel responsible?

--- Definitely. When the audience loves our work and enjoyed it. That's the biggest award. The award is a symbol of respect for our work. It increases my responsibility.

About Producer Anil Sunkara garu?

--- Our Anil Sunkara garu is a very sweet person. He's very encouraging. When I said that we need to go to Europe to compose a song he completely supported it. When I said to him that we should do a mass number, He agreed completely and got excited to showcase Mahesh in a mass avatar.

The news about you turning as a Hero has been doing rounds for a very long time. Tell us about it?

---  I am being asked to act in a film. But, maybe it's because of my interest in Music I am not getting interested in acting. I am listening to many Tamil stories. I will definitely do it if it's a music-based film with a fresh narrative style.

About your upcoming films?

--- I am doing a film in Sukumar - Allu Arjun's combination. Our combination carries huge expectations. I will be according to those expectations. I am also doing 'Uppena'. I am doing Nithiin, Keerthi Suresh's pure love story 'Rang De'.I am also doing another Keerthy Suresh's film 'Good Luck Sakhi'. I will be doing a Hindi film too. I will reveal the details of that film soon.

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