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Athade Srimannarayana Trailer launch

Actor Rakshit Shetty's Athade Srimannarayana will be a mega entertainer for pan India audiences

Starring Rakshit Shetty as the lead, Atade Srimannarayana is an upcoming flick produced on the Pushkar Films banner by Pushkar Mallikarjuna and H.K. Prakash. Directed by debutant Sachin, the film is releasing across India in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi in a grand fashion! 

An elaborate trailer launch event was held for the film on Thursday where the key members of the team were in attendance.

Speaking at the occasion, actor Rakshit Shetty said, "I hope everyone likes the trailer! So far, I have always cut the trailer for my films. But this time it took over a month to do so. Athade Srimannarayana has been a labour of love of three years and there were many who were part of this journey and that is why I want to say a huge, heartfelt thanks to my entire team on this occasion. It has been seven years since I ventured into films and everyone says that I have done less work. But if you see my films you can see how much effort our team puts in. This film is inspired by Shankar Nag's Malgudi Days. The fictional South Indian town of Malgudi in the film is the kind that will have a pan India appeal. We set up around 19 sets for the film and over 90% was shot on the sets in Bengaluru. The rest was filmed in Bijapur and the northern parts of Karnataka. And it was when we started the film and released the first teaser that we thought we should give the film a pan India release. The Kannada version's dubbing has been completed. I dubbed for the Hindi trailer myself and with the voice suiting well, I'll dub for the film too. If we have managed to make this such a big relase, it was possible only because of the support of our producers. In the three years, we had over 385 hard working days of shoot. Director Sachin spent sleepless nights on this project. Rishab Shetty, the director of Kirak Party has played a small role in this film. This one is going to be full of love, adventure, comedy and action. The journey to this space has been a long and crazy one. I started with short films, worked really hard and I am here today!”

Rakshit thanked Natural Star Nani for unveiling the Telugu trailer online and he revealed that Young Tiger NTR is his favourite actor in Telugu.

The producers Pushkar Mallikarjuna and H.K. Prakash said, "We started off the film on a budget of Rs 8 crore. We loved the script and story and decided that there would be no compromise on anything! We are so happy to associate with Rakshit Shetty and excited to release this pan India."

Director Sachin said, "Three years is a crazy time to work on a project. The film is a culmination of a lot of people's hard work. I am excited for everyone to see it."

At the event, the female lead Shanvi Srivastava was also present alongside other key members of the cast and crew.

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