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Karthi's 'Khaidi' Emerged As Cult Blockbuster For This Diwali - KK Radha Mohan, Sri Sathya Sai Arts

Karthi's 'Khaidi' Emerged As Cult Blockbuster For This Diwali - KK Radha Mohan, Sri Sathya Sai Arts

Angry Hero Karthi starrer Different ACtion Thriller 'Khaidi' Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, Produced by SR Prakash Babu, SR Prabhu, Thiruppur Vivek under DreamWarrior Pictures banner released worldwide on October 25th. Sri Sathya Sai Arts KK Radha Mohan has presented 'Khaidi' in Telugu states. The film is running with superb collections all-over with a terrific response from the audience. On this occasion,  KK Radha Mohan interacted with media at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad.

Sri Sathya Sai Arts KK Radha Mohan said, " The audiences have received our 'Khaidi' very well which is released on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Thanks to Karthi for accepting and doing such a different film and also to Producers Prakash Babu, Prabhu, Vivek for giving me this opportunity to release the film in Telugu states. I am elated as the film has not only received good ratings but also getting superb mouth talk. 'Khaidi' is the gift the audiences have given to our banner after 'Bengal Tiger'. Director Lokesh Kanagaraj must be appreciated for his efforts for engaging the audience for 2 hours 20 mins with his arresting narration even without songs and heroine. This is his second film. His first film 'Nagaram' also runs in the night backdrop. It became a very good hit. Though the entire film runs in a span of four hours in a night, He managed to maintain the curiosity among the audiences right from the start to the end. 'Khaidi' got rave reviews. Collections have improved further today. I am receiving congratulatory calls from our distributors. 'Khaidi' is a cult blockbuster given to us by the audience for this Diwali.

How do you feel when you first listened to the story?
- Coming to the story I know that the story will take place in a span of four hours in a night. This is a dark night film but, the Hero and producers are very confident about the film. Lokesh's first movie 'Nagaram' scored a good success and his next film is with Hero Vijay. These indicate that the director is immensely talented and the film will surely workout bigtime. The audience also showing interest in a new kind of films. They are accepting films with new content. Keeping all these things in mind, I released the film in both Telugu states.

How do you feel after watching the film?
- I watched the film yesterday evening at RK Cineplex. The film has a very simple thread but out director handled it perfectly. The film is even 20 % better than what we expected. Audiences are enjoying by clapping and whistling even in multiplexes. Telugu dubbing which is in perfect sync also became a plus point for this film.

What is Karthi's reaction after the release of the film?
- During the pre-release event, Karthi garu confidently said that 'Films like this should be within 2 hours of run-time but this film which has a duration of 2 hours 20 minutes will thrill the audience'.  His words became true after the film's release. He shared his happiness during his facebook interaction with the audience today.

How is the response to the film in Tamil Nadu?
- The film has a very good response in Tamil too. The audience are completely enjoying the film. The film became a huge success there.

Is there going to be any sequel to 'Khaidi'?
- Recently when I asked Karthi garu about the same, he said that they will decide after seeing the result of the film. A few moments back, Lokesh Kangaraj has tweeted that' Dilli Is Ging To Come Back'.

How is the response from the distributors?
- Distributors are very confident in this film right from the beginning. Their belief became true today as the film is getting superb response all-over. All area distributors are very happy about the result.

You produce films in your banner. What is the reason for releasing Tamil films too in your banner?
- I used to stay in abroad and I occasionally come here to look after the production works. We completely shifted to India last year. We are making a film on our banner. As we wanted to release good films in Telugu, we got this chance to release this film. I will continue to release good content-oriented films through my banner.

 You released Suriya, Karthi's films in Telugu in your banner. Will you do straight films with them?
- Both of them are busy with their projects. I will definitely do films with them if I find good subject and apt director for it.

The audience also promoting 'Khaidi' film on their own. What do you say about it?
-  Yes. There are a lot of strategies in advertising content. But, social media is the most powerful, popular media these days. We are promoting 'Khaidi' in all kinds of social media platforms so that it will reach more audiences in a quick time. It is also one of the main reasons for the success of our film.

All films with 'Khaidi' in the title became Hits.
- Yes, films titled 'Khaidi', 'Khaidi No 786', 'Khaidi No 150'... became big hits. 'Khaidi' is an apt title for this subject. Our entire team felt happy for attaining this title.

What is the progress of 'Orey Bujjigaa' film?
- We are currently producing 'Orey Bujjiga' starring Raj Tarun, Malavika Nair in Konda Vijaykumar's direction in our banner. 50% of the Shooting part has been completed. The entire shooting part will be completed by December. We will soon fix good release date.

Will you continue producing content-based films in Sri Sathya Sai Arts banner?
- Our 'Adhinetha' was made with a good message. 'Emaidi Ee Vela' also based on a contemporary issue. 'Bengal Tiger' and 'Pantham' were also message-oriented films. Cinema is a very big media. We can change at least 10% of the audience by making strong message oriented films. I will try to make suc films in my banner. We are developing some stories. 'We will begin our next film after the completion of 'Orey Bujjiga'.

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