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Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene' is a genuine hit

'Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene' is a genuine hit & everybody has made profits: Sundeep Kishan at Thank You meet.

With 'Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene' becoming a genuine box-office success, actor and producer Sundeep Kishan on Saturday held a 'Thank You Meet' to express his heart-felt gratitude to the audience. 

The event was graced also by Anya Singh, music director SS Thaman, and others. The song 'Amma O Amma', which comes in the climax in the movie, was launched on the occasion. 

*Speaking on the occasion, Thaman said,* "I thank God for giving this success to my friend Sundeep.  I am extremely happy for him, as his efforts have paid off.  There are some people for whom I work not for money but because they are dear to me.  I did 'NVNN' with the sole motive that Sundeep should win.  The entire team worked with a vengeance for this day.  Director Caarthick Raju is a highly talented technician whose command over CG and VFX is superb.  When I heard the film's script, I was totally convinced that it's novel.  I am pleasantly surprised over Sundeep's success.  Every stakeholder involved is now in profit zone.  A hard worker like Sundeep had to win and he has won.  He accepted the script with courage.  The entire team worked day in and day out.  The promotions have been superb and that's a reason why this film has been able to face the challenge of other releases."

*Producer Daya Pannem said,* "I must thank the Telugu audience for giving us this hit.  This is our first movie as producers and we are glad to have made the right start.  This film is the result of gigantic efforts put in by Sundeep.  Without him and the entire team, this film wouldn't have been there.  We are committed to making content-driven movies in the future."

*Co-producer Supriya said,* "We thank the audience in the two States for this hit.  I thank Sundeep for making me a part of the project.  I thank Shiva Cherry,
Seetharam and others on this occasion."

*Anya Singh said,* "I thank the Telugu audience for accepting me.  It has been an overwhelming experience touring the Telugu States since the movie's release.  This is my first Telugu film and the experience has been overwhelming."

*Sundeep Kishan said,* "I thank Lord Venkateswara Swamy for this success.  I and my team were in Tirumala on the day the film released.  We switched off our phones, as we were too tensed.  By evening, it became clear that most of the audience are loving the film.  Distributors and other stakeholders are extremely happy.  During our success tour, people came to me and told me that the emotions in the film are so profound and touching.  This is what is known as a genuine hit.  I am convinced that we've made the right film.  This is a good hit and I am honest about that.  Many did express reservations over the climax and the death of my character.  They wanted us to choose the formulaic route.  But we didn't want to strip the story of its soul.  Parental love was kept intact.  An old woman from Vizag told me yesterday that her son wouldn't have committed suicide two months ago due to love failure had he watched a movie like this.  I was moved to tears.  Everyone associated with 'NVNN' is safe today, be it Daya or Anil Sunkara garu.  Those who miss the film in the theatres can watch it on Amazon a few weeks from now.  We had sold the movie cautiously so that everyone would be safe.  We released on our own in Nizam and Overseas.  'NVNN' hasn't done well in Overseas and I hope my next film will impress the Overseas audience.  It's the media which made me popular.  A few reviews were not encouraging but so be it.  We are missing the director today.  He is on a pilgrimage, as he is quite a religious person.  Thaman did his best to give me the best tunes.  I thank the entire team.  We have already decided on the next film.  The profits we have made on 'NVNN' will be invested in that.  To share the joy of this success, I am going to supply free lunch to 100 people for a month from my restaurant, Vivaha Bhojanambu.  This is my way of giving back.  Thanking Shiva Cherry and Seetharam is like thanking myself."

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