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Dr. Rajasekhar Interview About Kalki

'Kalki' has passed in first class: Dr. Rajasekhar

'Kalki' is the latest action entertainer acted by 'Angry Star' Dr. Rajasekhar.  C Kalyan has produced it on Happy Movies in the direction of Prasanth Varma.  Rajasekhar's daughters Shivani and Shivathmika presented it in association with Vinod Kumar of White Lamb Pictures.  KK Radhamohan of Sri Sathyasai Arts released it worldwide on June 28.  Days after its release, Rajasekhar has spoken in an interview.

'Kalki' released amid high expectations. How has the response of the audience been like?

My performance has received all-round appreciation.  The audience are especially appreciating my looks and mannerisms.  The story, my character, Prasanth Varma's treatment - these elements have worked in the film's favour.

Do you think your character has been underplayed in the movie?  Otherwise, Kalki is a dominating character.

It's secondary whether my character is dominating or otherwise.  All I can say is that this film has fetched me name.  The interval block, the climax and the fight in the climax have been commended.  My fans, especially, have totally loved it.  They are watching it repeatedly.  They are telling me that they are watching it with their families.  I am very happy listening to them.

Your styling in the movie is a highlight.  What went into it?

Whenever I play the role of a police officer, I start doing diet and workouts to maintain fitness.  I totally shift my focus to fitness.  When the cop tucks in his shirt, no tummy should be seen. 

What did you like the most in 'Kalki'?

I loved every scene that I am part of.  I enjoyed doing the film thoroughly.

What was your feeling like when Prasanth Varma told you about the 'Emi septhiri' dialogue?

It comes twice in the movie.  When Prasanth told me about it, I complimented him on the idea.  The first of these scenes was shot on the same day.  The second scene was shot on another day and Jeevitha was on the location.  When she came to know about it, she was amused and told me it's my own dialogue.  Till then, I didn't know that it's my old dialogue.  After the release of the commercial trailer, the dialogue became even more popular.  The audience are enjoying it a lot in the theatres.

What have your children said about the film?

Both Shivani and Shivathmika have loved it and appreciated me.  Their friends have told them that I am competing with young heroes in this age.  They are even more happy to listen to the compliment.  The director has treated the love track so aesthetically.  If you notice properly, the hero and the heroine don't touch each other anywhere.  My daughters have loved our onscreen pair.

Why was the story narrated from the perspective of Rahul Ramakrishna's character?

It is a style of the screenplay.  We felt it would be routine to show the hero carrying out the entire investigation.  It's because the story was narrated from Rahul's character's point of view that the climax became more effective.  The audience are thrilled to watch the movie for this reason.

Is it true that you and Balakrishna garu are going to do a movie together?

I have been listening to it a lot.  There are also rumours that I and Chiranjeevi garu are going to act together.  We are going to investigate who are all spreading these rumours (laughs).

Are you open to doing negative roles?

I am very much ready.  But I would then be unstoppable.   I am open to doing different roles.  For example, of the kind played by Arvind Swamy in 'Dhruva'.  Recently, I loved the kind of roles Jagapathi Babu played in 'Aravindha Sametha' and 'Srimanthudu'.  Routine roles are not for me.

Your daughter Shivathmika is going to debut with 'Dorasaani'.  When can we expect to see you do a film with her?

Let Shivani, my elder daughter, too debut on the silver screen.  Shivani was supposed to debut before Shivathmika.  But, due to some unavoidable reasons, her film got stalled.  Let my two daughters do films individually before I and them can act together.  We have a story for four of us (including Jeevitha). My daughters narrated the story recently and I loved it.  C Kalyan is ready to produce the movie.  It will be a family entertainer.  I am happy that Shivathmika is being compared with Savithri after the release of 'Dorasaani' trailer.

What about your next movie?

Nothing is planned as yet.  We are listening to stories.  Praveen Sattaru garu is readying the script of 'PSV Garuda Vega-2'.  It will be a next level film.

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