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Havish Interview About Seven

'Seven' is an edge-of-the-seat, romantic thriller: Havish

Havish, the hero of 'Seven', says that the film is a different thriller.  Starring Rehman, Regina Cassandra, Nandita Swetha, Aditi Arya, Anisha Ambrose, Pujitha Ponnada and Tridha Choudhury besides him, the film will hit the screens on June 5.

In this interview, the young hero talks about the product, what makes 'Seven' a special outing, working with the actresses and more. 

Why is the film hitting the screens on a Wednesday?

I did have the same question to my producers.  They feel that it would be very apt to release the movie during the holiday season.  It's a festival day and other holidays are following it.  We are aware that there is going to be a World Cup cricket match on June 5.

What kind of a thriller is 'Seven'?

Thrillers are usually dry sans romance but 'Seven' is not a serious film.  It is a romantic thriller and its flavour is entirely different.  I would not call 'Seven' a regular thriller.  It's not in the usual mould.  It's different like a 'Yerra Gulabi' and an 'Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada'.  There are six heroines and you know that when there are those many in a film, the glamour quotient would go up.  The title is justified because, from the viewpoint of Rehman's character, there are seven characters, including mine. 

How was it working with cinematographer-turned-director Nizar Shafi?

It was I who suggested the name.  He is a fantastic director who is able at catching the mistakes of his actors.  I was confident about him from the first day. 

How did the project end up being a bilingual?

The Tamil version's producer liked the story and asked us where we copied it from.  When we told him it's entirely original, he came forward to work with us.  'Seven' is the kind of story that can work in any language.  It will give the audience goosebumps.  It's an edge-of-the-seat thriller.  The first 20 minutes is normal and later on, the real drama begins. 

Was it hard to do it in Tamil?

It was.  I had to learn two lines for 1000 times, literally, and despite that, I couldn't pull off the scene on the first day.  But I improved myself gradually.  I could acquaint myself with the language.  Only Ramesh Varma garu could have done the film in two languages.  Nobody else could have.  The first credit should go to him.  The fact that some of the heroines in the movie know Tamil helped.  Anisha and others used to give me tips. 

Do you like thrillers as an audience and an actor?

I usually don't like thrillers because they look off-colour, etc.  They don't excite me, as some of them even have misleading screenplays.  I don't prefer the horror genre as well.  But when I listened to the script of 'Seven', I felt that it's going to be very different and it will definitely work.  I have no specifications regarding the genres which I want to do.  I am open to action films, comedies, etc.  And I am open to any budget. 

Was it difficult to work with those many actresses?

It was.  By the time I would get used to working with an actress, they would change her and have me shoot for scenes involving another actress. 

Was it hard to do the lip-locks?

On the first day of the shoot itself, I was asked to do a kissing scene.  I had never touched an actress before.  I was not ready to do the scene and told my director the same.  The producer kept taunting me that the film can't be completed if I shy away from doing kissing scenes.  I thought he was joking but when he repeated the line in front of my father, I realized that he was actually scolding me (laughs).  It's then that I was ready to do the scenes.  I was OK with kissing but my co-star too should be ready.  When it comes to intimate scenes, both the actors have to be comfortable. 

Which of them is the main heroine?

Every one of them is main.  The script does a balancing act with their roles.  My character is an equal to their characters.  I don't like the entire story to be based on just the hero.

How are the technical departments?

They are all superb.  The RR, by Chaitan Bharadwaj, has come out extraordinarily.  You will see only three songs in the movie. 

The promotional activity has been going on since long.  Why so?

I believe that early promotions will inject a film into the minds of the audience.  That's we released something or the other for special occasions like Sankranthi. 

There has been some gap in your career.  Isn't it?

I was supposed to do a movie but it was eventually done by some other hero.  That's why the gap.  Moreover, I can't do a film if there is nothing exciting for me.  The character, the story has to excite me.  Soon after the release of the teaser for 'Seven', three offers came to me and one of these projects was launched recently.  I want to do things that can make the producers remember me.  Although my 'Ram Leela' didn't do well, I landed a big project because of that.  For someone with no industry background, I think I have done good enough.  I aspire to be the best in whatever I do. 

You are producing 'Rakshasudu'.  What are your plans as a producer?

'Rakshasudu' is coming out really well.  Since it is a remake, we have done it quite fast.  My father insisted that it should be done in a single schedule.  We are releasing it on July 19.  I want to establish my banner as a producer so that other heroes would be ready to work with me. 

How do you see Jaganmohan Reddy's victory?

Change is always good.  Some people say that he is not experienced but I see him differently.  He is young and is educated.  Let's wait and watch.

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