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Game Over Grand Success

YNOT Studios is glad to announce that our latest release ‘Game Over’ starring Taapsee Pannu, successfully enters its second week of theatrical run, and is still a popular choice among movie-goers across India, trending at #3 on IMDb India.

We would like to take this moment to thank the audience, critics, friends and colleagues from the film fraternity and all members of the Press & Media for welcoming and celebrating our film with abundant praise and superlative response, even when it has been of a very unfamiliar style and an experimental nature. It really encourages as and rebinds our faith in our endeavour to back and deliver quality cinema.

YNOT Studios and Reliance Entertainment had formed a joint venture in early 2018 and ‘Game Over’ is the first collaboration, and we are very glad to start off this association on a positive note. Initially started as a Telugu-Tamil bi-lingual project, ‘Game Over’ was also dubbed into Hindi with luminaire-filmmaker Anurag Kashyap coming on board as the presenter in Hindi, which took the film to a wider audience. ‘Game Over’ released in Telugu, Tamil & Hindi on 14 June 2019, in over 1200 screens worldwide, to widespread positive public and critical acclaim.

The writer-director Ashwin Saravanan, had come to YNOT with a vision to tell a very important story in a thrilling and riveting format. We, at YNOT, are proud to have nurtured the idea and to have enabled him to realise the vision onto the screen and we were glad to see that many reviews had identified and acknowledged the multiple layers and lines which were well-researched and subtly utilised by the director - like PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), violence against women, interesting facts related to modern-day body art,etc., and how an important story was conveyed effectively in a genre-bending format, and left a lasting impact among the audiences, in the way the director intended.

We are also pleased and humbled to see how women have embraced “Game Over”. The sheer resolve the central character(s) show in their own lives to ‘fight back’ when faced with challenges beyond their control, is an important message that every girl in today’s society needs to adopt and be wary of.

Taapsee Pannu’s performance as ‘Swapna’ has been key to ‘Game Over’’s success and her excellent performance is getting her rave reviews across all three languages and across the globe. Her consistency in picking her roles and stories has also been a talking point among many. We at YNOT, had a great experience working with Taapsee who is a thorough professional and an extremely hardworking and a committed actor.

“Game Over”s marketing campaign hashtag #YouHaveSeenNothingLikeThis had also become a huge success, with public and the media dubbing it as a very strong claim, but the movie absolutely lives up to the claim undoubtedly and that ‘Game Over’ is indeed a first-of-its-kind movie in Indian Cinema.

After the tremendous success of YNOT’s previous films ‘Love Failure’(2011) and  ‘Guru’(2017), we feel very proud to have struck hat-trick with “Game Over” and we wish to celebrate this success in a big scale very soon, along with all those who have given continous support and encouragement to us in our journey so far. It motivates us to produce more content-driven straight movies in Telugu, and we have already begun the process and the talks are in progress to put together an interesting project, details of which will be revealed soon.

YNOT Studios would like to once again unconditionally thank the Telugu audience, film fraternity, and the entire Press & Media for having supported us in making “Game Over” a grand success.

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