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Vijayendra Prasad at AISFM grand film festival.

Vijayendra Prasad garu announces scriptwriting major for Bachelors/Masters programs at the AISFM grand film festival.

Hyderabad, May 5th: Shri Vijayendra Prasad , screenwriter for blockbusters like Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan announced a specialized creative major for Bachelors and master’s program at AISFM. Speaking at the AISFM grad film festival, a curated show of films by graduating students of Annapurna International School of Film and Media.
He comments, “Stories should be narrated. You start with an idea and then build on it. Film making is all about our ability to grasp at an idea, sense its potential, and breathe life in it. The more observant we are of our surroundings, the more sensitive we become and the better is our capability to narrate a powerful story. Graduation Films is the beginning of this journey…”

The 2-day Festival opened yesterday with the premiere of films made by the graduating students dealing with 8 different entertaining and thought provoking subjects. 

The list of film includes “Inaam” by Rashmit kaur , “SANDHIGDHA” by Akash Chandrashekhar Melligeri , “CATAKAH - To revive an old World” by Somapriya Bose, “CHUPPI” by Purvangi Ranjan , “NAAN DEVRU” by Uthkarsha Balaram , “Falak” by S Venkat Narayana Murthy, “ANTHARGATHA “  by Susmitha Kalangi, “Trivial Pursuit” by Siddhi Yadav
The premiere of the AISFM Grad Festival 2019 was attended by industry luminaries Mr. Vijayendra Prasad , Mr. Sumanth Yarlagadda  and Mr. Adivi Sesh and AISFM director Ms. Amala Akkineni
Superstar, Chairman of AISFM, Akkineni Nagarjuna Congratulated the young filmmakers and remarked “You are in the right place at the right time , and so use this opportunity to the fullest, keep experimenting , keep exploring , keep watching ; work hard and do not give up your passion and enthusiasm for films , all the best”
At AISFM, we mentor students on various creative and technical aspects of filmmaking and ensure students get the experience of working in a world-class studio using state-of- the- art-equipment while making their grad films. We encourage young talent to work on diversified topics to bring new perspectives.
Congratulating the students and wishing them a great future, Director of AISFM Amala Akkineni said “A good film is not just the story, the acting, the camera and lights… but something that stirrs a deeper response in the audience, when everything comes together well; when the ingredients are brought together with understanding. Collaboration is integral to Film Making and our students not only learn the Art and Craft of Film Making; but also, experience the importance and criticality of co-ordination, collaboration and feedback.”

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