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Akkadokkaduntadu Movie Review


Karthik, Vamsi, Nithya Aadi and satya meets are leading politician   KK (Ravi Babu) wants to exploit black money. In the process of exploitation, Yogi (Shiva) who does not have a blind eye prevents them. Did they exploit some dramatic developments after that? Or not? How did they get out of there? Who is the original sage? Why is he a keke black money guard? How can those five friends escape from the case? You have to see the film to see things like this.

Plus Points:
If you are talking about Plus Points in this movie .. He is the highlight of the film's key scenes. Sivan acting is particularly good in the flashback episodes. Actors who acted as five friends are also impressed with their performance in their roles. Their performance in the scenes of black money is good.
Ravi Babu, who appears as a corrupt politician in the film, always tries to make his way to his majestic gestures. The social message highlighted in the climax is good.

Minus Points:
The main minus point of the film is ... Plainless storytelling. The story is not open till the interval, the lack of impressive elements in the story, and the director's absence of interest in the film will be weak for the film.
The scenes in the second half will not be as intrusive. There is no naturalness in the story. Many of the scenes in the film .. as well as the characters .. the way they are on the screen seem artificial.

If the director gave more attention to the storytelling, the movie would have been plus. But the director filled the film with unnecessary scenes. That's a little bit of interest on the movie. The whole film is hit by the result.
Technical Department:
Director Sripada Vishwak did an attempt but did not make the film a full-fledged film.
The background music of the music director has been made much of the film. His songs were also impressive. Raja Sekharan.Nin cinematography is going to be reduced to the film. The production values ​​of the film are good.

The dark thriller of Ram Karthik and Deepika is the heroine of the movie directed by Sripada Vishwak. Many scenes in the film are interesting and exciting. In addition, the story is also slow and cinematic. This film does not make any sense of the film.

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3/5

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