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Bewars Movie Review

Check out the review of Bewars  Movie starring Sanjosh, Rajendra Prasad, Harshita Directed by Ramesh Cheppala Produced by Ponnala Chandu, Dr.MS. Murthy and M.Aravind under SSK Entertainments banner Music composed by Sunil Kashyap.K. Chitti Babu is Cinematographer M. R. Varma is Editor


Bewars is the story of Lucky(Sanjosh)who is a aim less person and lives his life happily his father Satyamurthy( Rajendra Prasad) wants to see his son in a good job and with some responsibility in life . Both father and son will quarrel with each other about this every day but his sister siri supports him and bring some balance between father and son suddenly siri commits suicide then the story takes another turn .what is the reason behind the suicide ? how lucky reacts to it ? what happens after that forms the remaining story.

Plus Points 
Production values 

Minus Points 

Editing can be better
Routine Scenes 


In this segment we must appreciate Rajendra Prasad for his performance he has done splendid job particularly in emotional scenes he has given his best  . Sanjosh has done good job his performance is good combination scenes with rajendra prasad came out very well surely he has long way to go in Tollywood . Harshita has done good job  Madhu Nandan  and Rest of the cast has done as per the requirements 

Technical Aspects

 In this segment we must appreciate Producers for their Production Values. Director Ramesh Cheppala has done good job the concept which he has chosen is good he tried his best to engage audience his narration is good   specially the twist he has shown in the film is good over all he has done decent job . Sunil Kashyap music is good his background score has taken few scenes to next level . Cinematography is neat. Editing can be better. dialogues are good. 

On whole bewars film has a good  concept except some unnecessary and routine scenes every thing is fine give a try this weekend 

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3/5 

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